BREAKING: The NCAA Did Something Utterly Heartless (Again)

via Silas Nacita’s twitter page (@Salsa_Nacho).

Once upon a time there was a formerly homeless walk-on running-back at Baylor named Silas Nacita. Nacita was one of the feel-good stories of last year as he scored three touchdowns for Baylor and made Academic All-Big 12 by reportedly studying cell phone pictures of his class readings because he did not have the money to purchase textbooks, much less a place to live.

The NCAA, naturally, took a giant dump all over this great story and declared him ineligible for receiving impermissible benefits.

Allegedly, those benefits were from a family friend who, according to Nacita’s tweet earlier this morning, “didn’t want me sleeping on floors and wondering how I was going to eat my next meal.” In other words, someone (perhaps this family friend was also a Baylor booster?) paid for Nacita to have food and shelter, but (allegedly) nothing more.

Nacita, as of this morning, is no longer on Baylor’s football roster.

In other breaking news the NCAA and its administrators look like heartless, soulless asshats (again).

Surely, we will see a correction to this ruling by the end of the day. Still, don’t hold your breath. The NCAA has had problems with homeless players before….

Here is Silas Nacitas’ statement released via Twitter this morning:

More on this as it deteriorates develops.



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