Game-Changer* Roquan Smith to UGA

*I wrote this the other day. Macon County (which I’m assuming means Macon, GA as well) linebacker Roquan Smith committed to Georgia via Instagram this morning, giving the Dawgs their third top-50 player in this year’s incoming recruiting class.

As previously reported, Smith will not sign a letter of intent, so the Dawgs would be wise to keep their staff (and his primary recruiter) in tact if they want to keep the future Jordan Jenkins/Leonard Floyd replacement. His flip from UCLA was brought about by the departure of his primary recruiter, Jeff Ulbrich, leaving the school for the Atlanta Falcons (thanks for the assist, Birds!)

All in all, I’m reporting this because the agency Smith exhibited in shifting the power back towards the players, albeit ever so slightly, makes him a winner in my book. Now we can continue to follow his career.

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  1. Macon, GA = Bibb County
    Macon County = Montezuma, Oglethorpe, Marshallville, Ideal

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