Andrew Hall who never played football, who I’ve been reading for many, many years – Dude, You’re crazy ! Andrew says he is “disappointed and frustrated” in Mark Richt’s 2014 season.

Man. This guy got me.

Andrew Hall :  Dude You’re Crazy !

Georgia Football: I Don’t Understand Why Everyone is So Damn Mad, I Don’t Even Know Who These Bulldogs Are Yet

37, 12

Above and beyond the ridiculous notion that a 9-3 regular season record and potential 10-win season is unacceptable, I’m struggling to sympathize with Georgia fans right now.

Well, Andrew, you are the Chuck Dowdle of Bulldogs’ fans, aren’t you ?  Lose in blow-out to Florida team who lost 10 of their previous 13 games and who fired their coach the week after to be now 5-9 vs them.  Lose to Georgie tek with the average # 52 recruiting rankings to Mark Richt’s # 9.  Lose to South Carolina as well, who like Florida, neither were ranked for the season by any poll whatsoever.  3 horrible inexplicable losses to 3 teams far less talented…

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  1. By the number of comments it is starting to become obvious that nobody pays attention to this brain dead blog.

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