What Might Have Been: Joe Montana Almost Picked Georgia

It’s Super Bowl week. That means that anyone you have ever heard of has given a recent interview to someone.

Today, Joe Montana appeared on the Dan Patrick show. Patrick asked Montana the following question: “Where would you have gone if you didn’t go to Notre Dame?”

Somehow I knew what answer Joe was going to give before it came out of his mouth. He paused for a moment then said, “Probably Georgia…”

Let the white, hot, devastation of that idea wash over you for a moment.

Arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time had it narrowed down to UGA and Notre Dame but picked the Domers.

Here’s the full interview:


Now just to put this all into context, Montana arrived at Notre Dame in the Fall of 1974. Oddly enough, at the time Notre Dame didn’t allow freshmen to play with the varsity team (that worked out well!) so Montana didn’t see any action until his sophomore year. Montana led Notre Dame to the National Title in 1977 and then a Cotton Bowl victory in 1978 — often referred to as the Chicken Soup Game.

During the time Montana would have attended UGA the starting quarterbacks were as followed: Matt Robinson (74), RAY GOFF (75-76), and Jeff Pyburn (77-78). Montana would have been better than all of these guys obviously. He would have also, perhaps, prevented Ray Goff from becoming a star QB at UGA and therefore not come home to be UGA head coach. Oh what a blissful thought….

Anyway, UGA was in contention for a National Title in 1976 — the year before Montana won one with Notre Dame but the same year that Montana redshirted at Notre Dame due to a separated shoulder — and I think we can all agree that this young fella named Montana would’ve been a great help in that campaign.

Also, Montana would’ve ended his career in 1977. A young quarterback from Valdosta, GA enrolled the following year.

His name was Buck Belue.

Oh, this world is cruel….




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  1. I think you are forgetting that Vince was our coach, and even though I respect Vince, I am not sure Joe’s talents would have been exploited to their fullest potential. We ran the “Veer” offense.

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