Georgia Football: I’m not digging Dawgs’ recruiting momentum

I’ll be brief, but something about the Van Jefferson decommitment and the miss on Donte Jackson is rubbing me the wrong way.

I’ll grant two obvious points:

  1. Missing on two elite talents that had Georgia in the running hurts. Obviously.
  2. Both were out-of-state prospects with other viable suitors.

But suddenly national signing day feels an awfully long way off—in a bad way.

I wrote about Jefferson here, and I’ll take a closer look at recruiting over the coming days.

That’s all I got/


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  1. The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

  2. The sky isn’t falling, at least not yet, but this is pretty typical for a UGA recruiting class. I can’t think of a class in the last several years that we didn’t have some big time recruits change their mind in the last month before signing day. A lot of top guys change from UGA, but not many ever seem to flip to UGA during the last month. I think a big part of it is the realization by some of these recruits that they probably can’t cut it at UGA, either academically or in walking the straight and narrow that is required by CMR. That’s not a criticism of CMR or of the recruits, I think it is just a fact. In my time as a student at UGA, I would have been kicked off of CMR’s team on multiple occasions if those rules applied to me. Some of us take a little longer to grow up than others and if a kid has enough self awareness to realize that maybe he’s headed for trouble in a stricter program, then God Bless him. I wish him well and it’s better to lose him now than after multiple arrests and suspensions in the future. This is just life as a UGA fan. You have to accept the drawbacks to the overall success of the football team when your coach is a stand-up guy who will never adopt the win at all costs method used by so many others. As frustrating as seasons like 2014 are, I still like having the kind of man we have at my school running the football program. Of course, a championship would be nice:)

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