NCG: Oregon vs. Ohio State – 4th Quarter Liveblog

Welcome to the DudeYouCrazy National Championship Game liveblog. We tackled the pregame here, the first quarter here, the second quarter here, the third quarter here and are going live down below. On to the blog!

14:06: Oregon has been HORRIBLE on third down. Give OSU credit for knocking them off schedule on early downs, but man.

11:10:  Massive converison by Cardale Jones there, wow. OSU looking to end it early.

9:44: Punishing drive by Ohio State. Oregon 20 Ohio State 35.

8:36: Mariota v. Bossa. Advantage, Bossa.


5:00: Remember when Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech? RIGHT?

3:38: I think Mariota is the only non-shook Oregon player right now.

2:35: I mean, you can, but it’s not safe.

1:47: Another reminder: Ezekiel Elliott is from St. Louis. St. Louis is in Missouri. Missouri is in the SEC. #SECSpeed

:28: Of course they scored again. Peak Urban. Oregon 20 Ohio State 42.

:00: Helluva a year in the books. Cardale, you know what to do next…

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