NCG: Oregon vs. Ohio State – 2nd Quarter Liveblog

Welcome to the DudeYouCrazy National Championship Game liveblog. We tackled the pregame here, the first quarter here and are going live down below. On to the blog!

14:08: Remember when Ducks’ defensive line was getting penetration? What happened to that?

13:49: FUMBLE! Not gonna go far giving Oregon extra possessions.

12:32: Wheel route? Wheel route.

11:10: Helluva stand by the OSU defense, and your first reminder that football is a collision sport, not a contact sport.

9:30: Ezekiel Elliott is  from St. Louis. St. Louis is in Missouri. Missouri is in the SEC. #SECSpeed

8:46: Keep giving Oregon chances to run this offense. Should end in Urban Meyer eating pizza alone.

7:05: I wonder if Oregon even recruits punters.

5:50: Helluva throw and catch for Ohio State. Also: IMPORTANT. 

4:49: Man, I wish they’d try to get me to tackle Jones for free. Nah bruh. Oregon 7 Ohio State 21

3:50: Oregon finally converts a 3rd down. They need 7 on this drive.

:52: I get the need for points, but nothing about this game says 3s are going to keep you in this.

:52: Oregon 10 Ohio State 21

:00: Enjoy halftime. See you in the third quarter liveblog.

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