NCG: Oregon vs. Ohio State – 1st Quarter Liveblog

Welcome to the DudeYouCrazy National Championship Game liveblog. We tackled the pregame here, and are going live down below. On to the blog!

15:00: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, we’re off. Gonna be interesting to see how Urban is going to attack this offense.

13:41: Oregon’s already fast, and now Tyner is eating people’s souls.

13:16: WOW. The only thing that has even slowed Oregon down has been this review. The first fumble didn’t really knock Oregon off schedule.

12:21: If you can, watch the film room on ESPN2. Coaches watching the game and breaking it down in real time is football porn. Great play by Mariota.

12:21: Oregon 7 Ohio State 0

11:20: Still funny. Still kinda true.

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10:15: I’m pretty sure Dan Mullen just called that bubble screen a Tebow.

9:00: Welcome back to the Scarface-sized pile of cocaine that is the Oregon offense.

7:11: Third start ever is still his third start ever. Might want to start blocking for the kid Ohio State.

7:03: WELP.


4:36: These coaches are so salty about the missed defensive assignments. I love it. Meanwhile, 98 yard drive.

4:36: Oregon 7 Ohio State 7


1:08: Ohio State running all over people. This is gonna be a fun night.

1:08: Oregon 7 Ohio State 14


:00: Follow on over to the 2nd quarter.

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