A Closer Look at Just How Badly Georgia’s New Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer Sucked in the NFL

This Tweet sparked an interesting conversation:



Contentious and dissenting opinions were offered.  Combine that with a decent amount of laughter from national media, and I got to wondering: Was Brian Schottenheimer really that bad in the NFL?  Here’s a closer look at merits of Georgia’s new offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.


As a Quarterback Coach

Misconception: Butt Fumble!!!!!!!!!


Reality: Schottenheimer was the first position coach of longtime NFL starters Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, who have combined fir 13 Pro Bowls.  Mark Sanchez progressively completed more passes, tossed more touchdown passes, threw for more yards and posted a higher quarterback rating in each of his his three seasons under Schottenheimer.  The Butt Fumble occurred after Schottenheimer was gone.  The best season of Sam Bradford’s career came in 2012 under Schottenheimer.


As an Offensive Coordinator

Misconception: Schottenheimer offenses suck.

Reality: In six seasons (2006-2011) with the New York Jets, Schottenheimer’s offenses averaged 346.83 points per 16-game regular season.  Over that period same period, the league average for points scored during the regular season was—and you can’t make this stuff up—346.83.  Over that same period the Jets were a mere 13 yards per game shy of the NFL mean.  That seems pretty damn negligible to me.  His offenses in New York didn’t suck.  They were clearly average for the most part.

Misconception: When Schottenheimer left, the Jets took off [pun intended].

Reality: That 346.83 points per regular season average dropped to 284.67 (a decline of 18 percent) in the three years following Schottenheimer’s departure from New York while the league average rose to 366.67 (an increase of six percent).  The table below displays this trend pretty clearly by using intra-league rankings.  Keep in mind, Schotty was in New York through the 2011 season.

Year Scoring Offense Rank
2006 18
2007 25
2008 9
2009 17
2010 13
2011 13
2012 28
2013 29
2014 28



Misconception: Schottenheimer was run out of St. Louis.

Reality: Jeff Fisher, the Rams head coach, publicly supported Schottenheimer and called him great play-caller and great teacher last week.  The Rams offense has been better (as measured by either points scored or yards gained) in each of Schottenheimer’s three seasons than it was in any of the preceding three seasons.  Sound confusing?  Let’s put it this way: Schottenheimer’s worst scoring Rams offense scored 299 points in 2012.  The Rams’ best scoring offense over the course of the three years before his arrival scored ten points fewer in 2010.  Schottenheimer’s worst yard-gaining offense racked up 4,877 yards of offense in 2013.  The Rams’ most prolific offense in the three years prior to his arrival racked up 4,846 yards in 2010.

From 2009-2011 the Rams averaged 13.69 points per game.  From 2012-2014 (under Schottenheimer) the Rams averaged 20.23 points per game.  That seems an awful lot like progress to me.



Schottenheimer was not the best offensive mind in the NFL.  If he was, he’d be a head coach.  But one would be hard-pressed to label the guy as below average.  His tenure alone seems to contradict that notion.  Only three NFL offensive coordinators have held their current position longer than Schottenheimer had held his.  Twenty-four of 32 offensive coordinator in the league this season were hired in 2013 or 2014.  Schottenheimer was hired in 2012.

I stand by my assertion that landing an average (at worst) NFL coordinator in a lateral move is a nice coup for a college program.  This was a great hire.  I liked it before it happened and I like it now.



That’s all I got/



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  1. Thanks for all the hard work. I did some digging and apparently he is known for his red zone efficiency as well. Looking at the stats, St.Louis’s red zone TD% increased significantly following his arrival.


  2. Only time will tell.

  3. Are you sure you are not a Tech follower. You diss and condemn and are the most negative blog I have ever read. You are a detriment to UGA . Do you not think the recruits read all your crap you negatively write all the time??

    Go follow another team, because you are no Dawg fan.

  4. I don’t dislike the hire but, in regard to the Rams offensive improvement, there is nowhere to go but up when you start out averaging less than 14 points per game.

  5. Not too worried about how he performed in the NFL. I think of the performances of Saban and Spurrier in the NFL. That hasn’t prevented them from whipping our ass regularly.

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