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Georgia Football, College Football Playoffs, the Super Bowl, Cleavage and Free Money – The DudeYouPodcast is Back

Andrew Hall (@dudeyoucrazy on twitter) and Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66) get together to discuss the recent coaching changes at the University of Georgia, National Signing Day, the College Football Playoff and Super Bowl Prop Bets.


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Georgia Football: The Only National Signing Day Preview You Need

If you haven’t been reading the “Georgia Bulldogs’ Blog” which is apparently owned by the Georgia Bulldogs, you’ve been missing out.  Thomas Brown, not the former Bulldog running back but the wordsmith extraordinaire, drops knowledge, insight and all around goodness on a damn-near daily basis.

Consider his most recent post, titled succinctly,

National Letter of Intent Signing Date Wednesday 4 February 2015. Under-achiever is not judged – based upon talent here ? Losers of 21 of most recent 25 games vs teams higher ranked than us in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons making up Mark Richt’s entire 2nd half of his career here.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have no respect for blog posts that don’t command block quote indentation when referencing the title.

There are a lot of good points in “National Letter of Intent Signing Date Wednesday 4 February 2015. Under-achiever is not judged – based upon talent here ? Losers of 21 of most recent 25 games vs teams higher ranked than us in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons making up Mark Richt’s entire 2nd half of his career here. (Hereafter: “NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.” for short).

The second sentence of the article is particularly poignant as Brown points out, “Always the 1st Wednesday in February, next year 2016 will be on February 3.”

I am very excited about the condensing of the year 2016 into one single day in early February, and I don’t think I’m alone in that regard.

“NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.” goes on to speak true wisdom about the Super Bowl, Katy Perry, girl kissing and Sunday morning church.

Super Sunday !  And, I am looking forward to Katy Perry I kissed a girl.  The NFL always decides which songs will be played.  I kissed a girl and I liked it.  I wrote a blog about this with her video when it was announced for Super Sunday.  My preacher hates that term, which is why I use it.  Always get a sermon about every Sunday is Super Sunday.  No.  No, it’s not.

Nothing has called into question the credibility of religion more so than Brown’s blog (which is owned by the Georgia Bulldogs) and it’s insistence that not every Sunday is Super Sunday.

But spiritual significance does not end there in “NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.”

Annually, we give all the credit to Mark Richt for the recruits signing here.  And, then it’s blasphemy to even begin to suggest that Heaven Forbid Mark Richt is responsible for teaching the recruits to obey the rules.    Obviously, they who say such folly did not come from our home.  Dad had us obey the rules.  He taught us to obey the rules.  We all know all 7 of us that which is right and that which isn’t.

Annually here after 2007, our recruits are never taught here to obey the rules.

Instead Mark Richt tells them the exact opposite.

“I love you,” Mark Richt exclaims from on high as one-by-one he kicks them off the team.  They tell him in the press that he is turning his back on them just when they needed him most.

Such wisdom from the Georgia Bulldogs’ Blog leaves readers like myself yearning for more.

Tell me more about your father, Thomas Brown.

“Disciplne, Dad teaches, is teaching to obey the rules,” says the master of the “NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.” universe.

So go.  Read the only take on Georgia recruiting that matters.  Read, “National Letter of Intent Signing Date Wednesday 4 February 2015. Under-achiever is not judged – based upon talent here ? Losers of 21 of most recent 25 games vs teams higher ranked than us in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons making up Mark Richt’s entire 2nd half of his career here.

Thank me later.


That’s all I got/


The Officially Official DYC Super Bowl Preview

Here we are again; the inevitable end of the football season, and the inevitable begin of counting down to the next football season. Make no mistake – this is America’s Game now, and waiting for more football is the second most popular sport. The NFL has had the PR season from hell, and ratings haven’t budged. As a nation, we get outraged over the audacity of the League to lie to us on multiple fronts…during the week. Come Sunday? A collective voice rings out across the land, echoing from all 50 states:


And give us football they shall. The most dominant 15 year run in the salary cap era vs. an emerging defensive dynasty is a helluva storyline the NFL has handed us. We’re going to go over what happens when each team has the ball, some friends of the blog are gonna make some picks, and we’re gonna have some fun. I’ll be checking in Sunday with all your prop betting needs, but I want to do more. I want to help you win even more money with a prop in this blog, so this next one’s on me. Four straight years I’ve won this bet, and it’s the first prop I find when the line comes out.

National anthem over/under.

This year, we’ve got Idina Menzel singing the anthem, and Wikipedia says she’s a Broadway singer who used to be married to Taye Diggs. Sure, her ex-husband doesn’t matter at all, but this was literally the only name I recognized on her Wikipedia page. The line this year is a logical 2:01, which means that someone is paying attention to the money I’ve been winning. It’s safe to assume that she’s not going for the record (Alicai Keys , 2:36), but she want’s to be respectable. Toss in the fact that they’re in Glendale with good conditions, and I get the feeling she’ll want to show off. Bang the over.

(Blah blah I’ve overthought this blah blah crippling gambling addiction. Grow up.)

I’ve been made aware that Ms. Menzel sings the Frozen song. As a 29-year old man with no children, I remain blissfully under informed about this movie or song. Back to the blog!

I have no rooting interest in this game, as both teams are generally unlikable. Except for these two guys.

Get them a sitcom, a buddy cop movie, or an advice column ASAP.

On to the Super Bowl. FWIW, I reserve the right to Chad Ford any pick that I get wrong going forward. Didn’t know that was an option until now, to be honest. Next year, when I’m retroactively perfect against the spread, thank Chad Ford.


When We Last Saw New England: They were murder-death-killing the Colts by a billion points, which everyone has conveniently forgotten about in the face of BALLGHAZI. A couple of quick points about this non-scandal: 1. Every quarterback adjusts inflation to their own liking, and if you believe every other quarterback is within the acceptable parameters all the time, you’re crazy. 2. We’ve seen grown men on television nearly cry over deflated ball, impassioned calls for justice from owners, and the swift moving machine of the NFL collect video and statements and commission reports. But they never saw the Ray Rice video. Right.

Moving on so the Shield doesn’t shut down this blog, the Patriots played basically their dream game against the Colts. Passing at will, they were able to even activate their heretofore optional running game, all stemming from the abilities of their monster tight end to affect the defense. The Pats pass to set up the run, and early success downfield against the Seahawks will allow them to control the clock. Gronkowski’s presence on the field will force adjustments out of this Seattle defense, and New England’s ability to utilize him to occupy the safeties in the passing game will decide their offensive success.

Defensively, I don’t feel great about this Patriot side. They are going against a multifaceted offense with a front that has generated a grand total of ZERO sacks in the playoffs thus far. And you know what? Russell Wilson is TONS more mobile than Flacco or Luck. Then again, the defense has stepped up when they needed to (twin comebacks in the same game against Baltimore). Plus, who’s really betting against the bad guys?

When We Last Saw Seattle: Seattle was finding a way to win (copyright every coach ever) in overtime against the Packers. Russell Wilson looked super pedestrian (or concussed!) for the majority of the game, but cleared out the cobwebs in time to scratch and claw his way back to another Super Bowl. Take away that Matthews hit and subsequent crappy quarterback play, and the Seattle offense looked the same way it has all year; dominant running game setting up big plays downfield. No team has really thrown a wrench in this plan since Seattle’s last loss before Thanksgiving, and that kind of consistency is rare these days. Every team since Week 12 knew this was their plan, and could do absolutely nothing to stop it. Also – #WheelRoutes. They’re coming.

The Patriot offense appears to match up on paper well with this Seahawks Voltron-esque defense. Chancellor and Thomas will have their attentions focused on the middle of the field with the propensity of Brady to look for both his tight ends and his running backs when the outside receivers are taken away, and trust me: Maxwell and Sherman will help take the outside away. The Patriots offensive line has gotten exponentially better over the course of the season, but the Seattle front four is a unique challenge that they need to be ready for. Old timey land baron Pete Carroll says they won’t be.

pete carroll

THE PICK: I’ve got my opinion, but I turned to friends of the blog for their opinions because hey, the more the merrier.

Kriss (owner/operator of Movie Trailer Reviews, tolerates me ruining his podcast once a week, @insanityreport) – “I’ll take the Seahawks but only because I don’t want to get fined.”

Leonard (owner L. Brothers Media, viewer of life through Tar Heel blue lenses, @LBrothersMedia) – “Seattle. I just hope to see Skittles flying and Marshawn trolling in the post game interviews.”

Chad Floyd (writer at, former intern, @Chad_Floyd) – “Seahawks. Thank you, Patriots, for again making a mockery of Super Bowl week and providing our mainstream media with extreme #HOTSPORTSTAKES. I hope you burn in hell.”

Brandi Mills (writer at The Big Spur , Google Hangouts beard gang member, @brandicmills) – “34-23 Seahawks.”

I then asked Brandi to elaborate for the blog. So what happened next is my fault.

“To the window
to the wall
Till the air drips out my balls

I’m so ashamed”

Michael Felder (lead college football writer at Bleacher Report, drinker of beer(s), @InTheBleachers) – “I don’t know about lines but gimme the Seahawks for sure. Love #AllRussellWilsonEverything & the LOB is going to put the paws on the Pats.”

Rodimus Prime (host of the award-winning podcast The Black Guy Who Tips, better at podcasting than us, @rodimusprime) – “ I say the Seahawks win by 16. Black quarterback power and a dominant defense will expose Tom Brady’s spaghetti arm for what it is!”

Andrew Hall (site runner at, mid-podcast vanisher, @DudeYouCrazy) – “Picking last huh? Taking the Patriots because if I’m right, I get to beat more people than if I take the Seahawks. That’s what we call fading the public. Old gambling secret.”

Partially because I’m a lover of defense at heart, and mostly because betting with Andrew is always a horrible idea, I’ve made my decision.

Seattle (+1) over New England

Get drunk, make deflation jokes during Katy Perry’s halftime show, and enjoy the game.

Oh, and buy Lipitor. Just in case they really are giving out money. DudeYouCrazy – Not for sale, but we’re taking payments.


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Amarlo Herrera, Bryce Petty, Thomas Dimitroff and Others Talk College Football and NFL Draft

DudeYouCrazy contributor Ashley Barnett went to the Senior Bowl last week and spent some one-on-one time talking to some of the game’s biggest stars.  Here are the highlights.


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What Might Have Been: Joe Montana Almost Picked Georgia

It’s Super Bowl week. That means that anyone you have ever heard of has given a recent interview to someone.

Today, Joe Montana appeared on the Dan Patrick show. Patrick asked Montana the following question: “Where would you have gone if you didn’t go to Notre Dame?”

Somehow I knew what answer Joe was going to give before it came out of his mouth. He paused for a moment then said, “Probably Georgia…”

Let the white, hot, devastation of that idea wash over you for a moment.

Arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time had it narrowed down to UGA and Notre Dame but picked the Domers.

Here’s the full interview:


Now just to put this all into context, Montana arrived at Notre Dame in the Fall of 1974. Oddly enough, at the time Notre Dame didn’t allow freshmen to play with the varsity team (that worked out well!) so Montana didn’t see any action until his sophomore year. Montana led Notre Dame to the National Title in 1977 and then a Cotton Bowl victory in 1978 — often referred to as the Chicken Soup Game.

During the time Montana would have attended UGA the starting quarterbacks were as followed: Matt Robinson (74), RAY GOFF (75-76), and Jeff Pyburn (77-78). Montana would have been better than all of these guys obviously. He would have also, perhaps, prevented Ray Goff from becoming a star QB at UGA and therefore not come home to be UGA head coach. Oh what a blissful thought….

Anyway, UGA was in contention for a National Title in 1976 — the year before Montana won one with Notre Dame but the same year that Montana redshirted at Notre Dame due to a separated shoulder — and I think we can all agree that this young fella named Montana would’ve been a great help in that campaign.

Also, Montana would’ve ended his career in 1977. A young quarterback from Valdosta, GA enrolled the following year.

His name was Buck Belue.

Oh, this world is cruel….




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