Georgia Football: Bobo’s Departure Indicative of Positive Trend

For the first time in quite a while a Georgia assistant was hired into a promotion.

Todd Grantham got more money.  Rodney Garner got more money.  Willie Martinez got the boot.

Mike Bobo got a promotion.

That’s a positive thing and arguably the best testament to what Bobo did with Georgia’s offense.  I wrote along these lines at length here, but if Georgia can make another strong hire (and they did less than a year ago with Jeremy Pruitt) this program could continue its upward momentum from a bottoming-out in 2010.

That’s all I got/


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  1. Another positive post – thanks. There are just so many negative things out there on social media as well as worrisome rumors – I appreciate the positive.

  2. Agreed. I feel like I have spent too much of my effort dealing with people with broken logic. There is some good that could be had in this instance. The Pruitt hire was very strong! I just hope that the AD can make another similar hire for the OC. History doesn’t give me much to believe in or not believe in, but this administration is in its infancy. I am hoping they approach the right person with a check that is not insulting. We shall see. Here is to a great holiday season to all and thanks for a little something upbeat about Bobo moving on. GoDawgs!

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