Georgia Football: Dawgs Offense Could be in Trouble vs. Louisville

A summary of my thoughts from this article.

Georgia’s offense faces four unique challenges in the Belk Bowl:

  1. Unrest: As of this moment the Bobo situation is looming large.  That may have no impact on the game itself, but it could have a huge impact.  If Bobo takes the gig before then, things could look very different on the field on Dec. 30.
  2. Rest: Georgia hasn’t played well coming off bye weeks.  I shouldn’t have to rehash Georgia’s two post-off week losses this year.
  3. Familiar Faces: Grantham knows a lot of Georgia’s offensive personnel.  That could become a factor.
  4. Unfamiliar Faces: No one figured Gerod Holliman out all year.  Will Georgia be any different?


That’s all I got/



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