Georgia Football: Why Mike Bobo Should Take the Colorado State Job if Offered

  1. He’s under-appreciated at Georgia.  Look at fan sentiment and look at his compensation.  Now contrast that with records he continues to set.  Does he have a lot of talent at his disposal?  Yes.  But he gets that talent.  Further, as this year showed, he adapts to that talent.  He may get a raise out of this interview with Colorado State and he may decide to stay, but shouldn’t he get a raise without this song and dance?  He orchestrated the SEC’s best offense in a year following the departure of the best QB (statistically) the league had ever seen and while going without the best player in the country for most of the year.
  2. Colorado State is a great first gig.  They’ve got enough momentum to benefit in recruiting, but expectations remain reasonably low.  He would have success there.
  3. He’s a big name there.  Period.  Jim McElwain was a big hire for them.  Mike Bobo would be as well.
  4. It is a stepping-stone job.  See: McElwain.  But seriously, do well at Colorado State and other schools will call within a few years.  Is Georgia Southern (who had interest in Bobo previously) that type of job?  Maybe, maybe not.  But Colorado State definitely is.
  5. Bobo needs a stepping stone.  The danger for Bobo is getting hotter and hotter and jumping to a job that’s too big (at least right off the bat).  Ask Muschamp what that’s like.  Who was the last coordinator to jump to a HC role at a major, major program and have success?  I’m not being a smart-ass.  I’m actually asking.  The only ones that come to mind are folks who wait forever and then move in (Jimbo).  Bobo isn’t Richt’s successor if the Dawgs hire from within in the future; Pruitt would be.  Just look at the paycheck.



To be clear: no part of me wants Bobo to leave.  Not even an ounce.  I think he would be incredibly hard to replace.  He was born in Augusta, played four years at Georgia served as a G.A. for two years, went a away for one and came back in 2001.  Further, he’s forty years old and has been the offensive coordinator at a national power for eight seasons.  That’s a hard resume to top.  And the on-field performance will be equally difficult to replicate.



That’s all I got/



For highlights of Mike Bobo as a player and as a coach download The UGA Vault.

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