Steve Spurrier Will Retire A Gamecock, SEC Stars Heading To The NFL, And More

Top NFL Talent

It did not come as a shock to anyone who follows UGA football to hear that Todd Gurley is heading to the NFL. The SEC has the most talent in the NFL right now, and it will only get better with the influx of talent this year. Aside from TG3, it is safe to say that the best player on each “contender” is more than likely going headed to the NFL. Check out the full list Here.


Ol’ Ball Coach 

South Carolina fans seemed a little upset after this 6 win season, but what do they really expect, a National Championship? You are South Carolina. 11 wins is your max, and Steve Spurrier is your guy. Spurrier plans to coach SC till he retires, which he believes will be in about 3 years. Don’t worry Dawg fans, only 3 more years of the man who has taken pride in beating you more than any other Coach in the history of coaches. Here is his full statement.

SEC Championship

As the Title game approaches, it is important to look back at the great games, great players, and great moments of each game. Between David Greene in 2003 and DJ Shockley in 2005, UGA has had it’s fair share of special moments in Atlanta. Sadly, they have also had their fair share of heart break as well, but what team hasn’t? Here is a nice look back on each special year.



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