Georgia Football: A Look Back At The Last Time The Dawgs Won The SEC Title


If there was ever a year when I thought UGA could have beaten any team on a neutral field, it was 2005. The two losses in the regular season happened when DJ Shockley got hurt, and the legend Joe T3 had to take the reins. When Georgia was healthy, the demolished #3 LSU in the SEC Title on their way to a Sugar Bowl matchup with WVU.

DJ Shockley had to play a similar role to what Hutson Mason is doing this year, by replacing a Georgia legend in David Greene. Shockley made a lot of people forget about David Greene after his opening performance against Boise State in Athens. (289 yards, 5 TDs passing; 85 yards, 1 TD rushing) I firmly believe that if DJ would not have gotten banged up before the Florida game, UGA would have beaten them and Auburn to have a shot at the National Title.


When Georgia did play LSU in the SEC Title, it was like a team taking their anger out on the season that “could have been”. 34-13 is not a score you would project a number 3 team losing to, but UGA poured it on early and often. LSU had seemingly not solution for DJ Shockley and Thomas Brown.

The LSU win gave UGA the ability to play against up and coming West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl. Little did we know, they had Pat White and Steve Slayton who made the UGA defense look like it was their first time playing football. Georgia got down by 3 scores to start the game, but DJ Shockley and the Dawgs came storming back and had an opportunity at the end to grab the lead, but a gutsy fake punt (Yay UGA special teams) sealed the victory for the Mountaineers.

2005 is arguably the best team Georgia has had in the Mark Richt era. Say what you will about talent across the board in 2007 and 2012, but neither of those teams could beat the DJ Shockley 2005 Georgia Bulldogs when healthy. If only the Dawgs had DJ Shockley right now.




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  1. Thomas Brown UGA

    2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014…10 long seasons’ ago now tomorrow, and even then we ended-up # 3 of just SEC teams in EVERY single SOLITARY poll.

  2. D.J. actually started against Auburn and had a huge game. Looked like the Dawgs were going to win a classic until Auburn completed a 60-plus yard catch-and-run on fourth-and-forever to set up the game-winning field goal. One of the best games — and most devastating finishes — I’ve ever seen, including Saturday.

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