If Georgia Fired Mark Richt Today, Who Would You Want To Replace Him

Hot Seat

Mark Richt gets his fair share of criticism year in and year out, but luckily enough people hate Mike Bobo that the criticism gets spread out. Now, what if a story breaks today that Mark Richt has gotten fired and they have began the coaching search at UGA. Who would they go after? Who shouldn’t they go after? I examine:

Top Candidates 

  1. Jim Harbaugh: For some reason the Niners are looking to trade their head coach to the Raiders at the end of the season. If I am Jim Harbaugh, I take any college job to avoid the train wreck that is Oakland. I know Harbaugh is always high on big time college list, but you wont know his answer unless you ask. Pro-style offense, hard nosed defense, it is what Georgia needs.
  2. Chad Morris: If you want a guy who can get the UGA athletes in space, Morris is your guy. He is going to have a field day with Deshaun Watson at Clemson the next 3 years and I think he will be one of the more sought after coordinators in recent memory in the next few seasons.
  3. Kirby Smart: A lot of people having been saying that Kirby is waiting for Nick Saban or Mark Richt to retire and then he will step into the Head Coaching role. Personally, I am not sure he is ready to take the reins of a big time program. Kirby would bring one of the best defensive minds in the country to Georgia, and with his connections he can bring in whoever he wants as the O Coordinator.

Don’t Call List 

  1. Pat Fitzgerald: I like Pat, and applaud him for what he has done at Northwestern, but he would be a disaster for UGA.
  2. Mike Bobo: Sorry Mike, I think you are a very underrated appreciated coordinator, but the UGA fans would riot if you were the next Head Coach in Athens.
  3. Bill Clark: It is a disgrace what UAB has done to their football program, and I Bill Clark is a good enough to coach to get a job in no time, but I he would be the wrong hire for UGA. Clark would not be a strong enough enough person to take on the influential people that UGA have surrounding their program.


I do not anticipate Mark Richt getting fired anytime soon, and by the time he does step down this list could be 100% different. I am looking forward to the one day coaching carousel that is going to take place when Mark Richt does clear out his office.



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  1. You wont let my candidate have a chance. I say if something happened to Richt, CMB is our man.. hes got fire in his belly.. I think he can do it. Bobo man…

    • I have tremendous respect for Bobo and beleive he is highly under valued, but no way UGA hires him. Too much fan base back lash.

  2. Bobo will be the next UGA coach.

  3. I think Bobo has grown and would make a good head coach. Maybe not ready for a big time program just yet, but if UGA had the patience, I think he would do just fine. Though Richt is not to shabby himself.

  4. too* shabby himself.

  5. Jeremy Pruitt. He’s got experience with other Major College teams and coaches. He’s got fire in his belly 23-7-365 and would surround himself with like minded Coaches and Coordinators that would make Georgia a better recruiting college than even Alabama. He’s got pride, leadership and motivation beyond any other DC in the SEC. He had to do with what he had when he was hired. He a players coach that doesn’t talks little, but when he opens up, he speak honestly and doesn’t push any blame on anyone but himself. He’d be a Great UGA Coach.

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