Braxton Miller Possibly Transferring To Arkansas, Florida Targets A Head Coach, And More

Jim McElwain

I said back in November that McElwain is the most underrated coach in College football, and I thought he would get the nod for the Florida job. It has been reported that Jeremy Foley (Florida AD) met with McElwain today, and I am assuming he will at least have a formal job offer by the end of the week. If Florida does not get him, look for Michigan or Nebraska to reach out to the Colorado State coach soon. This could be a nightmare hire for the SEC East. Here is the report.

Pig Suey Braxton Miller?

If Braxton Miller were to transfer at the end of this season, do you think he would follow in Russell Wilson’s path and request the services of Brett Beilema? Imagine those running backs, with a QB that could actually keep a defense honest with the pass. If Arkansas had that against Mizzou, UGA might actually be in Atlanta this weekend. Here is the first report on the possibility of the Buckeye star coming to the SEC.

Tip Of The Cap To Muschamp

In his final press conference, Will Muschamp finally did not disappoint like his career at Florida. Muschamp has been a class act through this firing process, and I am sure he is going to be the most sought after defensive coordinator in the coming offseason. I just pray he does not go to Auburn. Imagine Muschamp and Malzahn on the same sideline? Talk about dangerous. Here is the final press conference of Will Muschamp.




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  1. Think Miller transferring to Arkansas what if( since the OC has left Clemson) Watson transferred to Georgia and played with Michael and Chubb

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