SEC Football: Music City Bowl For Dawgs, Auburn To The Outback?


Music City Or Bust 

I will be the first to tell you that Georgia had a disappointing year, but we can still win 10 games with a big bowl game win. 10 wins is a good year for most teams, and Georgia being projected  to go to the Music City Bowl is a complete insult.


Bowl Projections: 

  • College Football Playoff Semifinal (Sugar Bowl): Alabama vs Ohio State
  • Orange: Mississippi State vs Georgia Tech
  • Cotton: Ole Miss vs Baylor
  • Citrus: Mizzou vs Minnesota
  • Outback: Auburn vs Wisconsin
  • Music City: Georgia vs Maryland
  • TaxSlayer: LSU vs Boston College
  • Belk: Florida vs Notre Dame
  • Liberty: Tennessee vs Texas
  • Texas: Texas A&M vs West Virginia
  • Independence: Arkansas vs N.C. State
  • Birmingham: South Carolina vs Cincinnati

Biggest Issues: 

  1. Auburn should not be in the Outback Bowl over UGA. This is a four loss Auburn team who LOST TO UGA! Excuse me, DESTROYED by UGA. I will say Nashville is a much better city than Tampa Bay, but it is a little bit of an insult for UGA to play Maryland after beating Auburn.
  2. If there is anyway Texas and Texas A&M can play one another, it needs to happen. I am tired of this little cat fight between the schools, you are rivals, play each other.
  3. South Carolina does not deserve to go to a bowl over Georgia Southern. At All. South Carolina was picked by most (not me) to win the East, but instead they are barely bowl eligible. I just want to watch the world burn.


I understand UGA lost to SC and Florida, but they should still be rewarded for having a shot at another 10 win season. If there is a way for Auburn to not receive a bowl invite, that would be the only thing that could make me happy after receiving a Music City Bowl bid.




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  1. What did we really expect, though? As much as Division 1 FBS College Football’s mantra has always been “every win counts,” we all know, whether we want to admit it or not, that the reality is “every loss counts, and some count more than others.” Yes, Auburn lost 4 games, but the perception is that they lost to better quality opponents than we did, and perception is reality in college football’s messed up landscape.

    This is also one reason why so many of us Georgia fans are so absolutely adamant about the “National Championship Or Bust” mentality. We know Georgia doesn’t get the same level of respect as other upper-level SEC teams, despite what they do. It’s proven year-in and year-out. Nothing less than a National Championship will get the Dawgs the respect they deserve. Call it crazy; call it the rationalization of a frustrated segment of fans, but you have to admit, it’s a viewpoint that absolutely holds water.

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