Mark Richt The Favorite For Nebraska Job, Preseason Polls Looking Pretty Good Right Now, And More

Evil Richt To Nebraska?

Don’t count on it. Mark Richt is listed as one of the favorites for the Nebraska job according to Vegas, but Richt was asked in his weekly press conference about it and he demolished all doubts about his future at UGA. For those wanting Richt gone, looks like you will have to hope he retires soon because he is not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are the full odds for the Nebraska head coaching position.


Preseason Poll Spot On

After all the criticism of the preseason polls (mainly by me), it looks as if I will have to eat my words. It seems as if the “experts” have almost got it spot on from the first preseason, to week 15. The most laughable part of the preseason is Auburn and Oklahoma. Just wait till you see how high they had these two teams before the season, you will be rolling with laughter. Here is the comparison.

Freeze Not Going Anywhere

You can take Hugh Freeze off the list of possible head coaches for the Florida vacancy, because Ole Miss has just offered him a nice extension. I personally thought that Freeze would be a disaster hire for the Gators, so I am a little disappointed they did not try to counter offer Ole Miss. This off season will be very interesting with how the new coaching vacancies will be filled. Here are the details of the new Hugh Freeze contract.



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