Jameis Winston Gets Punched In The Face, Auburn Fans Get Pissed, and Much More

Rammer Jammer Auburn

There are very few things I enjoy more than singing Rammer Jammer at Auburn. After last season’s Iron Bowl, I needed this. I needed to be able to tell Auburn “We just beat the hell out of you”. I needed to see Nick Marshall weep on the sideline after a key 3 and out in the 4th quarter. I needed to see Amari Cooper say “them hoes ain’t loyal”. This was my nirvana.


Jameis Gets Punched 

We were all Florida Gator fans on saturday whether you want to admit it or not. Once again Jameis Winston found a way to win a close football game to remain unbeaten, but at some point (just like Auburn) the luck will run out. During the game a true freshman for Florida shoved Jameis as he approached him on the sideline. It led to the Florida player’s immediate ejection, but my hat is off the the kid for doing something that we have all wanted to happen for a long time. Here is the full video.

Nasty TD

I picked State to beat Ole Miss this past saturday because Bo Wallace is terrible. Little did I know, Ole Miss has a running back that looked like Dexter McCluster reincarnated. Jaylan Walton took it 91 yards (mostly poor tackling) breaking ankles and tackles the entire way. The Dak-Attack was silenced yet again, and now State can go and play Clemson in the Peach Bowl. Here is the nasty run.


Barners Getting Pissed

I know that every fan-base has certain fans that they are not proud of. More than likely they are the ones that call into the Paul Finebaum show and rant about how their team is the greatest team on earth, even though they have 3-4 losses. Finebaum had a live call-in show during the Iron Bowl, and the Auburn faithful got so butt hurt in the span on 30 minutes it is just wonderful. I guess they should burn the “State of Auburn” t-shirts because they make you look stupid. Here is the best rant.



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  1. I thought this was a Dawg site? Am I wrong? And if so, why are you creaming your pants over Bama? Piss on the tide.

    • I attend Alabama. I write about all SEC and not just UGA. You can piss on the Tide from your couch, watching a team you beat by 34 represent the East.

  2. I would not write about UGA either they suck with there coach big time!

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