Why Does Georgia Still Play Georgia Tech?

That’s a serious question I have.

I understand the geographical convenience, but Clemson’s close and much more enticing as a potential rivalry game.

I understand the theoretical recruiting impacts, but Tech has never threatened Georgia in that field.

I understand the history of it, but does that matter in the college football playoff era when a late season win isn’t as valuable as a late season win over a real and consistent threat?

I wrote at length about this over at Bleacher Report, but what matters most in this instance is a hypothetical scenario.  Pretend the following comes true:

  • Arkansas wins today, propelling Georgia into the SEC Championship Game.
  • Georgia wins out, including a win over Alabama in the SECCG.
  • Enough teams are picked off or Georgia’s win over Alabama is enough to propel the Dawgs into the Top 5(ish) of the AP and Coaches by general consensus.

The Bulldogs would need, in this hypothetically but not necessarily impossible scenario, something to put them into a position to leapfrog an otherwise undisturbed Top 4 team.

Does a win over Georgia Tech do that?  This year, maybe.  But a double-overtime win over unranked GT (last year’s game) certainly wouldn’t.  A 42-10 thrashing of the Yellow Jackets (2012) probably wouldn’t either.

The point is this: very little is to be gained from beating Georgia Tech late in the year.  Perhaps something more impressive should be taken on.

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