Leonard Fournette Doing Herschel Walker Type Things, What Each Coach Would Bring To Thanksgiving, And More

Herschel > Fournette 

I have watched the Leonard Fournette play several times, and still come to the conclusion that is was not near as awesome as Herschel running over Bill Bates. Bates was an All-American at UT and a Pro-Bowl selection for the Cowboys. Herschel did not run over some scrub DB from A&M, and Fournette is not even a top two freshman running back in the SEC. Here is the impressive (but not Herschel impressive) run from Fournette.



What do you think Mark Richt would have brought to Thanksgiving this year? That is tough question to answer, but I think Richt would have brought the deserts. Everyone likes them, but not everyone buys into eating the because they do not trust how good they are actually going to be. Here is what every SEC coach would have brought for Thanksgiving this year.


We do not watch Gameday to see who the guys pick. We do not watch Gameday to see a tearful story by Tom Rinaldi. We do watch Gameday to see the signs, and we have seem some of the best signs this year. The guys over at Busted Coverage put together a list of the best signs of the year, and you will not be disappointed. Here is the full list.



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