364 Days Of Suffering: The Iron Bowl Preview You Wont Want To Miss

364 Days Of Pain

For 364 days I have been waiting for this game. I watched as Chris Davis returned the short kick 108 yards for a game winning touchdown, and I have still not been able to fully cope with it.

When I saw Chris Davis run back to have a chance to return the kick, I leaned over to my Dad and told him that he might return this if it is short. I wish I was wrong. When he slipped by the last Bama defender I lost it. I took off the shirt I wore that day and threw it in the trash. I even tried taking a shower to get the loss off of me, but nothing I did could get the feeling of having my heart ripped out taken away. Even to this day, when I am listening to sports radio there is a commercial that replays the radio call from that day. I deal with it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  But saturday, my pain can finally go away.


They seemed to have misplaced the horseshoe from last season, and it could not have come at a worse time for the Tigers. Auburn lost AT HOME to an A&M team that Alabama beat AT HOME by 59 points. You can state that it was a “fluke” if you want, but then Auburn goes to UGA and gets embarrassed by a count of 34-7. Remember when Gus Malzahn said that Nick Marshall would “start in the NFL at QB” one day? Clearly, he is not the best judge of QB talent because Nick Marshall seems to have gotten more and more inaccurate as the year has gone on. If Auburn is going to pull the upset, they will have to see improved QB play from Marshall.



Alabama has improved week to week. After the WVU game the first week, I was not sure Alabama would win 9 games with Blake Sims at QB. Sims has proved to me (and college football) that he is a great leader, who keeps the defense honest with his legs. The Tide defense is just as improved ranking number 1 in total defense this season, and only allowing teams 63 rush yards per game. Alabama also has the best punter in the NCAA on their side with J.K Scott. Scott is the MVP for the Tide this season with his ability to flip the field. If Alabama can not turn the ball over, and play assignment football, they should have no problem winning this game.


For those thinking this will be a blow out, I am sorry that just wont happen. Just like GA/FL game (aside from this season) it does not matter how good either team is, it is typically a tough game. Auburn has the tools to keep this close, but they do not have the late game heroics on their side like last season. The worst pass defense in the SEC should see a heavy dose of Amari Cooper, and just like other teams, Cooper will have his way with the Tigers secondary. With the assistance of Amari Cooper and the Tide defense, my heart will finally be put back in my chest after last season’s disaster in the pasture.


Roll Damn Tide




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