SEC Football: Swallow Your Pride And Root For The Gators This Weekend

I told myself that I would never root for the Florida Gators. This weekend I am breaking that promise to myself for the greater good of humanity.


3rd Best In SEC East

Florida State is due for a loss. Luckily, the Noles play in the ACC where you can play terribly for 3 quarters waiting for an inferior opponent to screw up and allow you to sneak in the back door and win. If the Noles played in the SEC East (not the West) they would have at least 3 losses. Those losses would include Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. This weekend Florida State will play one of the bottom feeders of the East in Florida, but God willing they will finally falter.

Defense Wins 

Florida State has not played a defense near as good as the Gators, and I believe that will be the key in the Gators winning this football game. If the Gators can create some turnovers and find a way to turn them into points (unlike Louisville) then the Gators will win this game. You wont find me doing the Gator chomp anytime soon, but I will be praising Will Muschamp till the cows come home.

Go Gators?

If me rooting for Florida ends up backfiring on me, it will only cement my hatred for them, so really I have nothing to lose. Florida has shown on a consistent basis that they are not a good football team, but if they establish the run game and Treon Harris does not have to throw (like against Georgia) then I believe this will be a huge win for the Gators. Sadly, if the Gators do not get the job done, I will become the biggest Yellow Jacket fan and pray they beat them in the ACC Title.




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