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Alec Ogletree - Photo courtesy of Dawg Post

Alec Ogletree – Photo courtesy of Dawg Post

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Hype Video


College Football Playoff Rankings Announced

Last night, the fifth installment of the College Football Playoff rankings were announced, and Georgia came in at #9.

Here are the complete rankings:

College Football Playoff Rankings
1 Alabama 10-1
2 Oregon 10-1
3 Florida State 11-0
4 Mississippi State 10-1
5 TCU 9-1
6 Ohio State 10-1
7 Baylor 9-1
8 UCLA 9-2
9 Georgia 9-2
10 Michigan State 9-2
11 Arizona 9-2
12 Kansas State 8-2
13 Arizona State 9-2
14 Wisconsin 9-2
15 Auburn 8-3
16 Georgia Tech 9-2
17 Missouri 9-2
18 Minnesota 8-3
19 Ole Miss 8-3
20 Oklahoma 8-3
21 Clemson 8-3
22 Louisville 8-3
23 Boise State 9-2
24 Marshall 11-0
25 Utah 7-4

Georgia has to love where it sits right now, considering how abysmal its two losses are. UCLA could easily lose another game with Stanford and possibly a Pac-12 Championship still remaining on the schedule. Ohio State will likely win out in the regular season, but there’s a decent chance that Baylor and TCU could still lose another game. Mississippi State is an interesting team, and if you’re a Georgia fan, you’re hoping they lose to Ole Miss, but I still don’t know that they’d make it to the playoffs over Georgia if they’re not even able to represent the West in the SEC Championship game. I don’t think Georgia will move up a ton if they’re able to beat Tech, but if Missouri loses to Arkansas on Friday and Georgia wins out and wins the SEC Championship, they’ll certainly have a strong case to be included in the four-team playoff.


Players’ Thoughts on Tech

Yesterday, a few seniors met with the media, and here’s what they had to say about the North Avenue Trade School:

If you can’t hear the questions, the full article is here.

Videos courtesy of Radi Nabulsi of


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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