The SEC Power Rankings: Back to Football After Last Week

After dipping into some light SEC trolling last week (seriously, the three SEC network games had an AVERAGE spread of 43.3 points), we’re back to ranking the SEC’s teams for one last regular season hurrah. Since we last did this, Arkansas has beaten the brakes off of two SEC West foes, Missouri has continued to B.S. its way into ‘do we take them seriously’ mode, the West has continued to eat itself, and the East has remained a joke outside of Athens and the Midwestern regional office.



1) Alabama: I have to admit: it’s been fun watching this Tide team evolve, but that view has made it difficult to envision them as the invincible foe they have represented the past six years. Their D has returned as the class of the SEC with Ole Miss’ fall, and their O will be just fine as long as Amari Cooper can play in the Iron Bowl this weekend.

2) Mississippi State: I don’t think the Bulldogs deserve to be in the playoff, as their best wins all happened to come at the peak of their opponents’ ranking. If they win the natty, they will do so with me picking them to lose each game from here on out. As such, I expect this trend to correct itself in Oxford this week.

3) Georgia: It’s going to be a real shame to watch this team come so far, chokeslam a ton of adversity, and miss out on a shot at the SEC because of two ill-timed and inexplicable losses to inferior rivals. Sigh.

4) Auburn: There was a time earlier in the season where it was genuinely tough to separate the top five or six teams, but that time is gone. Auburn is officially on the next tier down thanks to getting throttled by Georgia and their “God really does love Auburn” streak of good luck seeming to be over– which sets up perfectly for an upset in Tuscaloosa this week, right? Nah, but maybe.

5) Missouri: Hats off to Gary Pinkel. Coming into the season, all I really knew about the Tigers was that Shane Ray and Markus Golden would be able to come close to replicating the production of Kony Ealy and Michael Sam. I didn’t think they would exceed it and carry this team. I am now prepared for an inevitable invasion of Midwesterners to Atlanta next weekend…

6) Arkansas: …UNLESS MY HOGS TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS! Good gracious, I expected them to break the seal and win an SEC game, but what they’ve done in the past two weeks indicates they could be a problem as soon as 2015. Let’s get them one more regular season win and push them to a meaningful bowl game. Also, Bret Bieliema is quickly moving up the ranks of candid and fun SEC coach interviews. I’d put him on the tier right behind the OBC and the Mad Hatter. (Can we call him the Mad Fatter?)

7) Ole Miss: Daniel and I eulogized Bad Dr. Bo on the podcast about a month ago, when I thought the Black Bears were going to win the SEC. Oops. Bad Dr. Bo is really, REALLY bad still.

8) LSU: Weird coach, weird people, weird year. They need a QB. Also, with Zach Mettenberger, Jeremy Hill, Odell Beckham, and Alfred Blue all showing out in the NFL, can we now start to wonder if they’re underachieving under Les Miles?

9) Texas A&M: Their in-conference point differential is -64, yet one is led to believe that they’d be nipping at Georgia and Missouri’s heels in the East. Football is strange.

10) Florida: I said it last week and I’ll say it again:
– Muschamp beats FSU.
– Jeremy Foley realizes that there aren’t many great candidates fitting his publicly-outlined parameters.
– Muschamp is re-hired.

This is a world in which I want to live.

11-13) South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky: As high as we were on Kentucky going into their game against Georgia, they’ve really underwhelmed. Tennessee is probably playing the best of these three teams, but got fat on … South Carolina and Kentucky. And I have nothing to say about South Carolina except that I love seeing them regress back towards historical South Carolina.

14) Vanderbilt: Opponents 259, Commodores 85. That is what the SEC has done to them. Yes, the average SEC opponent is beating these guys 37-12. So much for riding James Franklin’s success, Derek Mason.

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