SEC Football: Does Mizzou Deserve To Win The SEC East?

Georgia >Mizzou

Georgia gives the East the best chance to beat the West winner in the SEC Title, but Mizzou is one win away from going back to Atlanta and repeating as East Champions. This is the same Mizzou team that lost to UGA by 34 points right? Whether you agree with it or not, Mizzou has taken care of business in the East and has rightfully earned a spot in the Title game.



Say what you will about Mizzou, but they went into Columbia and The Swamp, and came away with victories. Georgia lost in Columbia, and lost on a “neutral” field to an anemic Florida team. Mizzou is consistently mediocre, while Georgia has looked like a playoff team at times, and an Independence Bowl team at other times. Is the SEC East so bad that all it takes to win is to be consistently mediocre? If so, then Mizzou has passed that test with flying colors. Imagine if Georgia would have played somewhat mediocre against Florida? They would only have one loss and would be in control of their own playoff destiny! Instead, UGA fans are rooting for Rocky Top, and Pig Suey just to get to Atlanta.



Mizzou deserves to win the SEC East. They beat Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida all on the road. It might not be the sexiest of wins, but at the end of the day they are still taking care of business when it matters most. Georgia is a MUCH BETTER football team from top to bottom, but they did not play well enough to beat two 6 win teams. If your main argument is “Georgia won the head to head so they should win the East”, then clearly by your logic South Carolina should have won the East in 2011 and 2012 instead of UGA.



If Mizzou beats the hottest team in the SEC (Arkansas) on saturday to clinch the East, swallow your pride and congratulate a Mizzou fan (If you know one). Realize that UGA had their opportunities all season, but squandered them away with poor play. All UGA can blame is themselves if they do not punch a ticket to Atlanta, and as big of a pill as it is to swallow, Mizzou might be back-to-back SEC East Winners.



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  1. Yeah. This is about right. I’m rooting for Arkansas, but its nothing against Mizzou. They win. They’re in. Them’s the rules.

  2. Deserve has nothing to do with it. You go out and win, it is yours. That said, I’m calling the Hog’s big time this weekend.

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