Florida Embarrasses Themselves Again, UNC Trashes Locker Room After Victory, And More

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

Will Muschamp got carried off the field this past saturday after his Florida Gator team defeated Eastern Kentucky in his final home game. Listen, I thought he handled being asked to step down with class, but he should have told his players stop before they put him up there. You beat a directional school in Kentucky. I will gladly put you on my shoulders if you beat FSU this weekend. Hell, I will carry you on my shoulders for a week if you beat FSU. That my friends is a guarantee. Here is the video.


Afro For Recruits 

Brett Bielema is pulling out all the stops to get recruits to come to Arkansas, and you best believe it includes putting an afro wig on if the recruit wants it! Honestly, Bret Bielema has done a great job this season, and if all goes according to plan then they will assist the Dawgs to the SEC Title game. We should wear afros if that happens. Here is the picture.


ACC Football

UNC beat Duke in football. I really could careless about the outcome of this game, but because UNC does not know how to handle success I am forced to. UNC trashed the Duke locker room after beating the brakes off of the Blue Devils and ending their hopes for a repeat performance in the ACC Title game. Win with class, lose with class UNC. It is not that hard. Here is the damage they imposed on Duke.



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