Georgia Footall: Mark Richt Calls for a Red Out, Who’s Georgia’s Biggest Rival, and More! – Daily Dose of Dawg

Your Average Group of Tech Fans -

Your Average Group of Tech Fans –

Richt Calls for Red Out

This morning, Mark Richt asked the Bulldog Nation to wear red on Saturday, because, you know, most fans don’t normally do that already or anything. In all seriousness, I get what he’s doing because it does look really cool when almost everyone is wearing red, but it’s still funny when you have to ask Georgia fans to wear red.


Who Is Georgia’s Biggest Rival?

This question is really an easy one for me: Florida. No team has been as much of a thorn in the side as the Gators, and they always beat Georgia at the worst times. If you asked me my most hated teams in college football, I’d be quick to say Auburn and Florida State, but Florida certainly Auburns (steals) the cake for biggest rival.

I know some people probably think the nerds are Georgia’s biggest rival, but I’d have to disagree. For there to be a rivalry, the other team has to win at least once every few years. I view Georgia Tech as a little puny brother. You don’t really ever think about them or consume yourself with hating them, but losing to them in a fight would be absolutely embarrassing. If they started beating the Dawgs, my view might change, but for now the only thing that really bothers me about the North Avenue Trade School are there obnoxious, cocky (who knows why), disgusting fans.

Vote here on who you think is Georgia’s biggest rival.


Richt’s Thoughts on Georgia Tech

Yesterday, Mark Richt held his weekly media teleconference, and here’s what he had to say.


A Good Laugh

Tech is ready to “shock the world:”


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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  1. I guess they did shock the world. Still standing by the thought that florida’s our biggest rival?

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