A Speech That Will Make You Run Through A Brick Wall, The Hottest Coaches For Each Job Opening, And More

Lone Survivor 

This is not a pro Alabama post. This is a pro America post. If you haven’t heard of Marcus Lutrell then you have probably been under a rock for the past couple of years. His story is one that will make you cringe, and wonder how he is still alive. This past saturday he delivered a speech so inspiring, that it made me want to run through a brick wall. Imagine what the Crimson Tide football team would have felt like? Here is the video.


Pac 12 > SEC? 

For some unknown reason, coaches of opposing conferences feel the need to try to discredit the SEC. This week the coach of the Colorado Buffalos (no need to mention his name because he is irrelevant), said “the Pac-12 South is very comparable to the SEC West”. I am hoping this is typo, or by saying comparable he means that his team would go win-less in the SEC West just like they are in the Pac-12 South this year. Here is the full comments.

Hottest Jobs

Clearly, the Florida job is going to be the topic of conversation going into the offseason, but what other jobs are the hot topic? Will the new Michigan Athletic Director fire Brady Hoke? Will SMU ever be as good as they were before the death penalty? A lot of these jobs that are opening up (or might be opening up) will cause a very interesting coaching carousel. Here are the hottest jobs.



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