The DudeYouCrazy Week 13 Viewing Guide: Telling You Up Front That I’m Mailing This One In

Weeks like this cheapen the sport of college football. I hope you got your DVR recordin’ like I told you to last week, because this is brutal.

Thursday is the Best Timeslot All Week

Two games of light intrigue takes the cake for…whatever award we can possibly give this week.

1) #12 K-State at West Virginia (7, FS1): Bill Snyder, Dana Holgerson, and the likelihood of couches being set on fire? Sign me up.
2) North Carolina at Duke (7:30, ESPN): Ok, bear with me here. Duke is playing for an ACC Coastal championship, UNC QB Marquise Williams is quickly reaching ‘best player you’ve never heard of’ status, and UNC has both scored AND allowed 40 points five times this season! That’s preposterous.

Noon: Go Dawgs.

1) Charleston Southern at #10 Georgia (noon, SECN): Familiarize yourself with the young players, or something.
2) Indiana at #6 Ohio State (noon, B1G): Yeah, none of us in the Atlanta area get B1G network, but now that Notre Dame is done we need to get rid of the other stupid Midwest teams.
3) Welp, you techincally have a ranked-vs-ranked in #25 Minnesota at #23 Nebraska, but that’s an exercise in masochism or snowporn.

3:30 Slate (Not even coming up with names for this)

1) #8 Ole Miss at Arkansas (3:30, CBS): An SEC/national contender who could actually lose a game (which I say with more confidence after Arkansas’ win last week). Also, what an SEC home slate for Arky this year: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss. Not bad.
2) Boston College at #3 Florida State (3:30, ABC): Getting frustrating watching FSU squeak by every week. My dream scenario involves them losing to Florida, who rehires Will Muschamp.
3) #16 Wisconsin at Iowa (3:30, ESPN2): Melvin Gordon is now must-watch football. 408 against children of the corn team A, now another shot!
4) #15 Arizona at #17 Utah (3:30, ESPN): It’s #PACtion so this should probably be #1. Catch the highlights of last week’s Zona/Washington game if you don’t believe me.

Night Games, Where You’re Already Asleep on the Couch

1) #19 USC at #9 UCLA (8, ABC): The Battle of Los Angeles is always compelling to me. Odds of a fight exceed even South Carolina/Clemson. That, my friends, is beautiful.
2) #20 Mizzou at Tennessee (8, ESPN): Go Vols.
3) Vanderbilt at #4 Mississippi State (7:30, SECN): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Enjoy the games, if possible folks!

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