Heisman Front-Runner Stopped By The Police, SEC’s Top NFL Prospects, And More

How Make It To Atlanta

If your team is in the lead right now, just win out and you are booking a trip to Atlanta. Georgia needs Mizzou to lose to Rocky Top or Arkansas for the Dawgs to go, and honestly I refuse to root for Tennessee in any matchup. I will root for Arkansas, but I cannot pull myself to root for such an obnoxious/rude fan base. I would not put that on my worst enemy. Here are the SEC Championship scenarios for each team within contention.


Future Stars

After this season we should see some of the most talented players leave our beloved conference, and go on to dominate in the pros. Aside from Todd Gurley, you have guys like Amari Cooper, Shane Ray, Leonard Floyd, who should make an NFL team very happy one day. These guys will be missed on their respective teams, but the SEC will continue to produce top tier talent. Here are the top 10 guys leaving this year.

Heisman Gets A TicketĀ 

Marcus Mariota is clearly the front runner for the Heisman after DAKota Prescott could not get the job done in Tuscaloosa last week, but even the front runner gets a speeding ticket. Imagine if this was in Athens? Mark Richt would be asked if he has lost full control of his team! Mariotta is all about going fast, but I cannot wait to see him be a 3rd string QB next year in the NFL. Here is the full report on his speeding ticket.



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