Georgia Football: If The Dawgs Win The SEC Title, Should They Have A Spot In The Playoff?

Do They Have A Case? 

Georgia could make a very interesting case for the fourth playoff spot if they were to win the SEC Title. The real question is, would the Playoff committee put the Dawgs in there? I will be the first to tell you that Georgia has two of the worst losses in the SEC this year, but that does not excuse the fact that they will have to beat either Alabama or Miss State to have a shot at a playoff spot.


Bring Back The BCS

My biggest issue with the playoff committee is how they use the “eye test”. Just because Baylor didn’t play particularly well one week, they put TCU (who lost to Baylor) ahead of them in the polls. With all else equal I believe that head to head should matter the most. If South Carolina had one loss and Georgia had one loss, then South Carolina should have the nod over Georgia because they own the head to head win. If you are really trying to prove who is best, isn’t the most simple way to judge by seeing who wins on the field?


Georgia is sitting pretty at number 10 right now, and for the Dawgs to have a shot in Atlanta they will need Mizzou to lose one of their next two games. It is very possible that Georgia will head to Atlanta, but even if they win the Title I do not see the committee putting a two loss Georgia over any one-loss power five team. It would be one thing if Georgia lost to a couple of teams who were not so bad this season, but instead they decided to play their worst two games against teams they should have beaten with ease.

Should They Have A Shot?

Do I think Georgia should be in the playoff if they win the SEC Title? Yes. There is not a tougher conference than the SEC, and you can tell that to a one loss Ohio State who lost to a middle of the road ACC team. Georgia will still need some help, but a victory over a ranked Tech should help their case for the committee. Just think: We would not have to ask this question if it weren’t for a bad holding call, and the team not showing up in Jacksonville.



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  1. This is why they need an 8 to 12 team playoff.

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