SEC Football: Auburn Is Irrelevant And I Could Not Be Happier

2013 Didn’t Happen

The 2013 season has been wiped completely from my memory. I only vaguely remember Auburn winning on two last second plays on their way to the SEC Title game. I do not recall Alabama showing up to the Sugar Bowl (because they really didn’t), and I most certainly do no remember seeing Auburn almost win the National Title. Like I said, that season never happened.


If what people are telling me is true, then Auburn is the luckiest team I have ever heard about in recent memory. People say they won back to back games on a tipped Hail Mary on 4th and long, and again on a kick that went one yard too short so they could return it for the game wining touchdown. These things do not just happen! Just because you have two of the luckiest plays in the history of college football,  does not make you a good football team.


New Season

This season has been a very exciting one to watch. Not just because of the College Football Playoff, but the way the SEC races have unfolded. Auburn has NO SHOT of repeating as SEC Champions, and that is music to my ears. Auburn lost to Texas A&M, who had a freshman QB making his first road start, and Alabama beat A&M by 59 POINTS. One loss is okay. Alabama has one loss, but Auburn now has three SEC losses to A&M, Georgia, and Miss State. Just to put things in perspective, Florida has just as many SEC wins as Auburn.


Status Quo

Auburn travels to Tuscaloosa in two weeks, and nothing will make me happier than seeing Alabama impose their will on this irrelevant SEC team like in years past. It will be very interesting to see what bowl bid the War Eagle Tigers get, but I am hoping for the Birmingham Bowl so they do not have to travel very far. Finally, we can stop hearing the talk about “the Team of Destiny”, and how “Gus Malzahn is the best coach in the SEC”. Instead we can go back to Alabama being ranked number one in the country, and Georgia preparing for another dominate victory over the Yellow Jackets.



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  1. Hey, I am also a big Georgia fan but I haven’t forgotten the total tail whippin Florida put on us….just like we put one on Auburn. I cannot understand how you and others can be so sure of our winning over a pretty good tech team. I caution you to back off the boasting .and don’t over hype the dogs again like before the Florida game or you may be surprised and eating crow once more.

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