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Pruitt Pushing for Indoor Practice Facility

A couple of months ago, the UGA Athletic Board approved $400,000 to be used towards researching where to put an indoor practice facility. An IPF is certainly long overdue as almost every big name school in the country and even some smaller schools have one.

Yesterday, Jeremy Pruitt came out to meet the media with the sole purpose of discussing an indoor practice facility. He said that it obviously hurts the team when they’re not able to get in as many practices, but he also stressed another reason for why an IPF is so crucial:

“The people we compete against (in recruiting), they’re going to say, ‘There’s great people at Georgia. Coach Richt is a great guy, a great coach.’ But what they say is, ‘How important is football at Georgia because they don’t have an indoor practice facility?'” Pruitt said. “As a football player, you ain’t going to get better if you’re not practicing every day and in bowl practice and the offseason and all that. So hopefully this is the last class that will ever have to not get better.

“Y’all can print that. That’s why I came up here to see you, because I want to be proactive on the other end, because this is going to be the last team that’s like this. Those guys upstairs, they’re serious. They’re trying to figure out the fastest way they can get us one. As soon as they figure it out, it’s going to be done. They’re committed to doing it, and I want the recruits to know they’re not going to suffer because of it.”

“I know our competitors are not going to say anything bad the coaching staff here,” Pruitt said. “They’re not say anything bad about the people here, because it’s a great place. But one thing they’re going say is and that they’ve always said is, ‘How important is football is Georgia if they don’t have an indoor practice facility?’ Well, they won’t be able to say that anymore. That’s all I’m saying.”

Although Pruitt assured the Bulldog Nation that they would have an IPF next year, McGarity came out right after and shot that idea down:

“We’re moving as quickly as possible, but it’s impossible to be ready by 2015. There’s just so much to do.”

Story on this here.


College Football Playoff Rankings Announced

Last night, the fourth ever College Football Playoff rankings were announced, and Georgia came in at #10.

Here are the complete rankings:

1 Alabama 9-1
2 Oregon 9-1
3 Florida State 10-0
4 Mississippi State 9-1
5 TCU 9-1
6 Ohio State 9-1
7 Baylor 8-1
8 Ole Miss 8-2
9 UCLA 8-2
10 Georgia 8-2
11 Michigan State 8-2
12 Kansas State 7-2
13 Arizona State 8-2
14 Auburn 7-3
15 Arizona 8-2
16 Wisconsin 8-2
17 Utah 7-3
18 Georgia Tech 9-2
19 USC 7-3
20 Missouri 8-2
21 Oklahoma 7-3
22 Clemson 7-3
23 Nebraska 8-2
24 Louisville 7-3
25 Minnesota 7-3

Georgia has to love where it sits right now, considering how abysmal its two losses are. Mississippi State and Ole Miss will cancel each other out when they play in two weeks. UCLA could easily lose another game with USC and Stanford still remaining on the schedule. Ohio State will likely win out in the regular season, but there’s a decent chance that Baylor and TCU could still lose another game. I don’t think Georgia will move up a ton in the next couple of weeks (at the most #7), but if Missouri drops one of their final two games and Georgia wins out and wins the SEC Championship, they’ll certainly have a strong case.


Tuesday Player Interviews

Yesterday, a few players met with the media, and here’s what they had to say:

***Videos courtesy of Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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