Todd Gurley Worth 10 MILLION DOLLARS, Kevin Hart Destroys Jameis Winston, And More


We are nearing the end of the 2014 college football season, and like many of you, I am pretty torn up about it. We root each year for our team to go to a “good” bowl, but what I have learned in my time at Alabama is—anything besides a National Championship is a disappointment. This past weekend we got to see a lot of movement as we near the end of the season, and that means the Bowl projections are getting more and more accurate. Here are the newest Bowl projections.


Still Get’n Dat Paper

Todd Gurley gave his all for the Georgia Bulldogs during his time here, and luckily his sacrifices will not go without reward. Besides getting paid to sign some autographs, Todd Gurley has an insurance policy with the NCAA worth 10 million if his draft stock takes a significant hit due to the injury Gurley faced while at Georgia. Here are the full details of the policy.


Kevin Hart & Jameis Winston 

Kevin Hart makes a living by making people laugh. After finishing filming a show in Tallahassee, Hart stopped by the FSU football facility and gave Jameis Winston some great advice. Sadly, it did not seem like Winston found it funny, but it sure did make all of his teammates crack up. Check out the full video here.



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