Georgia Football: More Scorching Hot Auburn Takes, Because It Was So Much Fun

You want em? We got em.

I’m Tired of People Writing Off the Gurley Injury as ‘Chubb is better anyway’

This is simply not true. Chubb is an exceptional talent, but Todd Gurley is a generational talent. We’re going to miss #3 a lot, and I still have trouble not choking up about how it ended for him.

Case in point: upon rewatch, it turns out Gurley had 100 yards on 25 carries this year…ON PLAYS IN WHICH HE WAS HIT IN THE BACKFIELD. That’s…just…stupid. And you will never see a stat like that again.

The Score? Could’ve Been So Much Worse

34-7 was not indicative, in my mind, of how dominant Georgia was in that game. Auburn had their chances, but outside of a Sammy Coates drop on a third quarter 3rd down never lost points on anything.

Georgia, meanwhile?

– Opening kick: Gurley goes house and it’s called back.
– Opening drive: McKenzie dropped TD.
– Opening drive: fake punt with the worst ineligible receiver call I’ve ever seen. (Ironically, Auburn’s offense works because linemen get a couple of yards downfield on their play action passes.)
– Chris Conley drops x 2. Which is bizarre to type.
– Pre-halftime, a penalty forces Georgia to leave a few points on the field.

This felt more like a 52-7 type game than a 34-7, and Georgia could use the style points if the nation’s top teams continue to implode.

Jeremy Pruitt Got the Best Eleven Players on the Field.

There was a little personnel adjustment on D. Instead of playing three true D-linemen, Jordan Jenkins and his team leading 23 quarterback hurries was playing with a hand on the ground, and he was a monster on Saturday. Leonard Floyd, after a week off (in which I can only presume he was learning the Star position) took over and had a great game as the read-and-react cleanup guy. Marlo and Ramik were Marlo and Ramik.

And, of course, ‘the best eleven’ implies that Lorenzo Carter got extensive playing time for the second straight week. He’s gonna be a GREAT one folks.

Brandon Kublanow: A Cursed Individual

BK has had an incredible first season as the starting LG on the Georgia offensive line (which has likewise been ungodly). But you wouldn’t know it, as his two most famous plays early in his Georgia career are questionable gaffes.

After the phantom hold that more or less cost Georgia the South Carolina game, he was called for ineligible downfield on the fake punt in the first quarter (s/o to Evil Mark Richt).

Kublanow never exceeded three yards beyond the line of scrimmage, and the general rule is that you get 4-5 on punts.

Terrible call, terrible timing, but luckily this one didn’t cost the Dawgs.


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