Todd Gurley Is Boobie Miles From Friday Night Lights

Todd Gurley goes down as the most electrifying running back I have seen since Ricky Williams and Adrian Peterson. His career may be over at Georgia, but the lasting image he has left in my mind is one of domination, defeat, and questions.

Wanna Win Put Boobie In 

Like Todd Gurley, Boobie Miles was the best player on the field for his Permian Panther football team in 1987 and 1988. Going into the 1988 season the AP picked the Panthers to win not only the State Title, but the National Title as well. The reason why? Boobie Miles. Boobie was thought to be the most sought after recruit going into the 1988 season, mainly because of his 1,485-yard performance in the previous season. Sadly, in the first game of the year Boobie Miles tore his ACL and Permian had to look towards a freshman to fill the shoes of their star running back. Sound familiar?

If you watched the movie Friday Night Lights, you know that the Freshman running back (Chris Comer) not only filled in for the star, but he was key player during their State Title run. No the Panthers did not win in 1988, but Comer led the Panthers to a State and National Title in the following season. Was Permian a better team without arguably the best player in the country? That exact question was asked whenever Todd Gurley was on his suspension, and Nick Chubb catapulted onto the scene.

Hand Over The Reins 

Before the season started many people (including myself) picked UGA to win the SEC East, and contend for one of the playoff spots at the end of the year. Main reason? Todd Gurley. As a true freshman (Gurley’s only full season) he ran for 1,385-yards and 17 touchdowns. His sophomore season Gurley suffered a high ankle sprain that placed him on the sideline for several games, but Gurley still almost rushed for 1,000 yards (989). Like many of you, I thought that if TG3 could stay healthy, Georgia could have a dream season with the aid of a Heisman trophy winning running back.  If you were to tell me that TG3 would only play 6 games this season, I would have thought UGA would only have 6 total wins. But thanks to an 18 year-old freshman, Georgia still has the ability to make this a dream season.

Always Next Year

Whether it is replacing a Heisman front-runner, or a highly touted high school recruit, it is a very tall task to ask of a freshman running back. Nick Chubb is doing things that Todd Gurley never did, and Chris Comer led Permian to a State Title, which is something Boobie Miles never did. Gurley not playing is definitely a sad reality, but by now Georgia is used to having to find a way to win without him, and could quite possibly go places even TG3 could never take them.


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