The Most Famous Georgia Fan Live-Tweets The Game, Florida’s Next Head Football Coach, and More

Next Coach

With the firing of special agent Will Muschamp, we get to see the coaching carousel in full swing after the season. The most underrated coach in all of football is Jim McElwain for Colorado State. The former Crimson-Tide Offensive Coordinator has turned around a historically awful program in just two seasons. If Saban were to quit today, this is the guy I would love to get. Pro-style offense, and establishes the run perfectly. Mark my words, this is the next great coach. Here is a list of possible hires.

Bulldogs Rise Up

One of the more famous Bulldog fans, Samuel L. Jackson, live tweeted the entire Georgia game and it was glorious. I like to read these tweets in his voice, because it makes it that much funnier. Honestly, add a couple of curse words and you might have the greatest twitter account of all-time. Here is the thread.


Will Mushcamp was not ready for a big time coaching job. He is going to make some head coach look brilliant once he gets hired as their defensive coordinator, because I think we can all agree that Florida’s defense was nasty under Muschamp. I have to give it him, for someone who got booed out of his own stadium he handled this situation with the utmost class. I take back 90% of the negative things I said about you Muschamp, but some was deserving. Here is the classy response from the former Florida Head Coach.




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