Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Auburn Edition

It was all bad just two weeks ago.

We were all there commiserating, just as we’re all here now partying. The small sample size of college football lends itself mightily to the overreactions that fan bases are known for, but if you’re looking for someone to rain on the parade after beating Auburn…

Sorry, I’m not that guy.

This wasn’t just a home win against a top 10 opponent. It was domination, pure and simple, to the point that the #BEATEMDOWN feels reductive to the point of being insulting. Offense. Defense. Even (gasp) Special Teams. Everyone in the red and black stepped up, and if the on-the-scene texts from the rest of the Dude You Crazy crew are to believed, the celebration of this win was one to behold.

In a rivalry game against the mighty SEC West, on a national stage, for any shot at a spot in the SEC Title game, this team delivered. One of those weeks where I’m more than happy to re-watch the game. In the name of research, you see.

The Good:

– The run defense. Barring that first drive, this was hands down the best defensive performance I’ve seen out of Georgia this season. The front seven did a great job of gang tackling, operating as one cohesive unit versus the disjointed individuals we’ve seen at times. Even more impressive was the ability of the defensive backs to not only get off blocks, but deliver hits when they did.

– The pass defense. Hey, remember when Georgia fans were worried about this teams ability to stop these SEC spread offenses as Clemson picked apart the middle of the field? Yeah, feels like a lifetime ago; and in the terms of the defense on this team, it really was. I said it last week on the podcast, and I’d like to double down here: this has been a master class of a defense learning on the job, and altering scheme to match talent. Nick Marshall moved around okay, but it seemed like when the pass rush missed him, he just couldn’t find anything downfield and had to eat a coverage sack. Bravo Coach Pruitt. Well done.

– The running game. The staple of this Georgia offense all year, it delivered yet again on the biggest stage yet. Todd looked like a man who hadn’t taken live snaps in a month, but there were more than a few flashes of Godd Turley that I was more than satisfied with his production. Nick Chubb and the offensive line picked up where they left off against Kentucky, securing the first level, beating up the second level and flat-out running over the third level of the defense.

– The passing game. Gotta clean up the drops (and there were drops Mr. Conley), but Hutson Mason was throwing darts out there all night. And if you can’t celebrate that, then you might be Jason Smith.

The Bad:

– I’m still mad the game ended.

– Less holding on kickoff returns.

The Ugly

– I’m not ready to talk even semi-intelligently as someone who already hates the NCAA and everything it stands for. Check out tomorrow’s Dude You Podcast where I will attempt to parse out how I feel without getting fired from this site. I hated the NCAA before this, and the tone-deaf and injurious way they behaved in this matter only serve to strengthen that hate. More of this will be coming to your earholes tomorrow. Promise.

A huge blowout win, a statement game, a complete and total vanquishing of a rival. It should feel better than this, but even in the light of Gurley’s injury, let’s not forget to celebrate the whole team. Each young man who took that field in the red and black deserve to have this game not remembered as Todd’s Last Stand, but as the night the 2014 Georgia Football Team defined how they would be remembered: a dominant running team with a suffocating defense that will beat you from the first kick off until the final whistle. And that’s a pretty good thing to be.

Go Dawgs.

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