An Open Letter of Response to that Auburn Fan with Hurt Feelings

An Auburn fan had such a bad time in Athens that something hurt his feelings worse than the piss-poor game itself.  He wrote a letter to the internet.  I am responding.

Dear Auburn Fan,

Grow up.

I’m not even going to call into question the validity of your story (though I’m sure that some inconsistencies could be found), instead I’m just going to tell you to move on.

I would expect a Georgia Tech fan or someone along those lines to take to the nerdy corners of the internet and troll Reddit with tales of woe, but I would think an SEC fan would be better than that—or at the very least more accustomed to the behavior allegedly witnessed.

I can guaran-damn-tee your group was hassled in downtown Athens if those with you wore the visiting team’s colors.  You can defend the wearing of Navy and Orange as coincidental and argue that the apparel worn didn’t even feature Tiger/War Eagle/Plainsmen logos all you want.  But don’t be that ignorant.  Show up to Georgia/Auburn weekend wearing Blue and Orange and you’re an Auburn fan.  Show up to Georgia/Tennessee wearing orange and you are a Tennessee fan (or maybe a Home Depot employee).  Proceed to do so in downtown Athens, an alcohol-fueled beauty of a mess, and you’ll get hassled.  The home field advantage extends to the bars.  A few short weeks ago I shouted at Tennessee fans downtown telling them they were not allowed to assemble in public.  This happened.  I have no shame.  They didn’t take to the internet to complain.  Most of them laughed.  Some of them sang “Rocky Top” even louder.  All of them moved on.

Did you have drinks thrown on you?  That’s possible.  But in my experience most folks at college town bars are too busy drinking, dancing, making bad decisions and chasing seemingly attractive people of the opposite sex to waste a perfectly fine alcoholic beverage on someone without provocation.  I can’t recall seeing a time when a bar-goer was so drunk that he or she wasted precious, paid-for alcohol on an unsuspecting party.  That just doesn’t happen.  Not in happy places like Athens.

Were you spat on?  Hell if I know.  But I’ve literally never seen any Georgia fan spit on an opposing fan, and I’ve been around a lot of drunk and obnoxious Georgia fans in Athens, Jacksonville, Columbia, Knoxville, Orlando, Clemson, Atlanta, etc.  I’ve never seen spitting.  Again, I can’t help but wonder what made you so damn spit-on-able.  I find it incomprehensible that you were spat on more than 20 times—not because it’s surprising, but because there’s no way that is true.  I can’t imagine that much saliva coming your way in any scenario north of Baton Rouge unless you were physically on fire and in need of a deluge.

I’m sure you’ve heard from a lot of other Auburn fans who had bad experiences.  I bet that happens when you travel 180 or so miles and see a team you love that was recently a contender for a National Championship get its ass beat by a team that has struggled against the more mediocre teams of the SEC East.  I promise I would have hated every moment of the trip to Athens if I was an Auburn fan.  What’s there to like about a 34-7 tail-whipping?  That surely taints the entire weekend.  I would have hated the last trip (a 45-7 loss in 2011), and the game in 2009 (a 31-24 loss) and that damned blackout game in 2007 (a 45-20 loss) too.  Those outings sound generally miserable.  I’ve made long trips to road games before only to witness defeat.  It screws up the entire weekend.

And I’m sure I could find a handful of Georgia fans that hated their trip to Auburn last year.  I bet Auburn fans weren’t the most welcoming in the world—at least not all of them.  But if I trounced around downtown Auburn (is there such a place?) bars wearing Georgia colors, I wouldn’t be doing so looking for hugs.  If I was obnoxious enough to draw a few dozen spitting sessions, I’d go to a different area of campus.  Either way, I sure as hell wouldn’t take to Reddit looking for sympathy.

Grow up.  Move on. Maybe find less obnoxious friends to take to road games.  Maybe stop being so offensive yourself.  Maybe don’t attack entire fan-bases as an attempt to gain more hospitable treatment.  Just a few suggestions.




[Update: 11/18/2014, 10:40 AM] Apparently this letter annoyed people.  Here’s an apology.

For actual highlights of this rivalry and something more substantive than he-said, she-said bickering, download The UGA Vault.

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  1. Look idiot I’m a GT fan and I would have never complained online but you better believe some UGA fans would have been hospitalized or dead. We aren’t all nerds and your fans are obnoxious and ignorant. You grow up dick! You ever want some of me I’m Joshua Roberts feel free to contact me asshole!

  2. This is a load of bullshit. I’m a BAMA fan and hate Auburn but the way they were treated is unacceptable. I’ve been to mutiple SEC games and never be treated or treated anyone that way. They were huge rival games as well. You excusing these actions is almost worse than the actions themselves. You GROW up. Grown ass people shouldn’t act that way. I’m embarrassed that any SEC fan base would act this way. It’s not ok and there is no excuse. Especially the bs you just spouted. Get a little bit of class. Disgusting.

    • A Bama fan judging other SEC schools for how they “may have” treated opposing fans….LOL. Have you not heard about your own fans in the news??? I guess in your opinion we should stick to t-bagging people, right?

    • Don’t you Bammer fans have an LSU fan to teabag or something? Phyllis from Mulga rules!

    • You are assuming these actions actually happened. Not to mention if they did happen, what the original letter writer did to provoke it. I really find it very difficult to believe fans spat on them just because they were wearing Auburn colors. My father and nieces went/go to Auburn and I am a UGA Alum. We go to the games every year and have never witnessed anything of the sort. I am not saying it doesn’t or didn’t happen. I am just saying I am quite sure if it did happen (big IF), then I am quite sure it was very well provoked.

  3. I hope you are fucking stupid enough! This girl didn’t make up this story and you are probably one of the ignorant assholes that would do this shit!

  4. Shame on you! It should not matter what color, or what team people wear. You are aware that it is assault to spit on people, or to threaten to touch. This is not acceptable behavior, under any circumstances, and I do not believe for a minute that the average person that lives in Georgia thinks that this behavior is ok. Much less, a SEC team! Georgia has a long history of great football and great people. I think that your thoughts on this matter are an embarrassment to the State of Georgia, and to the student population, etc.

    • Helen, was it not clear that I don’t think the spitting happened?

      “But I’ve literally never seen any Georgia fan spit on an opposing fan, and I’ve been around a lot of drunk and obnoxious Georgia fans in Athens, Jacksonville, Columbia, Knoxville, Orlando, Clemson, Atlanta, etc. I’ve never seen spitting. Again, I can’t help but wonder what made you so damn spit-on-able. I find it incomprehensible that you were spat on more than 20 times—not because it’s surprising, but because there’s no way that is true. I can’t imagine that much saliva coming your way in any scenario north of Baton Rouge unless you were physically on fire and in need of a deluge.”

      I didn’t sign off on spitting. I said I doubt it happened.

      • “I’m not even going to call into question the validity of your story (though I’m sure that some inconsistencies could be found)..”
        and it goes on…
        Do U Even Write Bro?

      • how can you say that you doubt that they were spat on and you werent there?? you sound ignorant…

        • People in Athens don’t just go around spitting on other fans. Again he’s not ignorant, its pretty obvious that they weren’t just spit on by every person they passed. If one person spit on them they clearly have problems and probably drank too much. No one condones that behavior. But a bunch of people did not continuously spit on them.

    • I think you’re missing a large point of your post, which is the doubt that anything the Auburn fan described actually occurred… I am a lifelong UGA fan who attends a rival school and have been downtown multiple times wearing my school’s colors and have never been treated poorly.

  5. Hoyt Blackburn Jr.

    He said/she said. I wasn’t there. That having been said, every team in sports has it’s fair share low-life fans. I have been accosted by fans of some teams even in the off season-it happens. I have seen some of the low-life fans of my team do or say things that embarrassed me. When I have seen it happening, I always apologize to the people getting unduly hassled, And tell the idiots to tone it down, and that they are an embarrassment. As Fans, we should police our own and keep it civil.

  6. I don’t condone violence, ever, no matter what’s said. And, as I’ve grown older, I don’t think opposing fans should have bad experiences in Athens.

    But there’s no way this story is true. Is it possible her crew got tangled up with some troublemakers at a bar? Yup. But we damn sure aren’t getting the whole story. And the thing about getting spit on while tailgating is just nonsense. “Spat at. CONSTANTLY” she says. It’s just not true.

    But even assuming this insanely ridiculous story is somehow true, it’s only reflective of a couple of bad actors, and not all UGA fans. I don’t ever condone spitting on someone orany violence. But my guess is these Auburn fools came in running their mouths, pissed some people off, then got huffy about it.

    Congrats, random anonymous Auburn woman, you’ve harnessed the power of making shit up on the internet.

    Also, in reading this story I’ve seen more people complain about UGA fans barking at them than I can believe. It’s what we do, deal with it.

  7. My mom nd brother are BAMA fans who went to an OU v. BAMA game last year and they were called all sorts of names and treated terrible by the OU Fans. Then in Athens I had a few friends and family go to the game. My family told me there experience was okay but had a few rude Georgia Fans around them, My friends how ever hated it. They were spit on throughout the whole game. Granted I am sure these guys got drunk before the game even though they may not serve beer in the stadium. One guy grabbed my friends butt and tried to do more. needless to stay there are charges being brought on that particular guy. Now is her story in the media? No. But I don’t care who you are or where you love and why you are there you should never be treated with that much disrespect. Sure chant your chants and make comments about the TEAM but never personally attack a FAN. When a man says “just because you are an auburn fan doesn’t mean your lips wouldn’t look good around my cock.” that is taking it way too far and those are just words. Everyone here has a right to their opinion and I have a feeling that no matter what anyone says you will defend Athens and the FANS of the GA team. But drunk or not, rivalry or not, “hometown advantage” or not no one should ever be treated like that. period.

  8. I think this chick complaining about poor treatment is probably fat as Fk.

  9. Been to 6-8 Georgia games every year for the last few decades… I cannot recall EVER seeing a Georgia fan spit at/on/near/around an opposing fan. That reddit story is BS

    That being said, I wouldn’t put it past some drunk idiot (from any team’s fanbase) doing it. But 20 times??? “C’mon, man!”

    • 20 seems a bit high. Hence my ongoing skepticism that others seem to be reading as approval. If I thought these events happened, I wouldn’t approve. But I didn’t realize they merited even that much.

    • The difference, jackass, is that unlike you, I’m not defending this shit ass behavior. The BAMA fan that did that to the LSU player makes me sick. I would’ve done everything in my.power to find that POS and prosecute him. There aren’t words to describe how effed up that was. That being said, everything before that was innocent fun. Don’t get so drunk that you pass out in public. You’re open game when you do that. Granted, it’s normally among friends and not strangers. Also, it was a bunch of drunk dumb asses haning out on Burbon St. There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE in making people feel threatened for their lives (especially women), spitting on them or throwing drinks at them. It’s unacceptable. Issues in bars may be a little more common but there is no reason to treat gets like that in your home stadium. This is not how true southern people act. Again, it’s embarrassing. You defending it is absolutely pathetic and shows a lot about the type of person you are. Hell, even the crazy Cajuns tgat drink all day b4 night games don’t act like that. You are the one who needs to grow up and act like a man.

  10. You are a DICK dudeyoucrazy!!! A juvenile, small minded, cromagnum man with no morals or respect. It is NEVER ok to spit, throw drinks on or use obceneties towards men or women!!! There is NO excuse and you must be their juvenile ring leader! ! YOU need to grow the hell up and get a life. People who travel to another state to watch a game love the rivalry of a game same as anyone else but have the reasonable right to expect to be treated as humans and not be abused!! It is a crime called assault when you spit on someone and hit someone with a beer bottle and if u defend these actions you are just actions criminal as they are!!

    • Did you not read the story correctly? He never said “it’s OKAY to spit on a person.” He said that he DIDN’T BELIEVE the story to be TRUE.

      I Love how you come here, don’t even correctly read the damn article, and then judge and call the derogatory names…… You need to take a look in the mirror Donna!

  11. Was she as outraged by the criminal conduct of her players stealing from teammates and stealing computers as she was by spitting by opponents’ fans?

  12. Why do we never hear complaints from fan bases that WIN the game?

  13. I read both letters. Pretty clear where the problem is.

  14. This is the dumbest response to anything I’ve ever read. Show some class. You and I will never be able to verify the Auburn fan’s account, so who the hell are you to say what did or didn’t happen? People like you and those who (supposedly) harassed the visiting group shit all over what athletic competition is supposed to be about: being the best athlete, the best team, the best fan. Respect for your rivals is a part of that. I’m not a Georgia fan; I’m not even a college football fan and I’m ashamed by all I’ve read in the last few minutes. But as a native Georgian, I feel I’m within my rights to call you out on this.

    Let’s gain some perspective, shall we? It’s a game… grown men chasing after a ball. It’s not a war. No one’s being killed or raped or dehumanized. I understand the excitement and electricity that comes with watching your team win and the stomach churning sickness that comes with defeat but at the end of the day, we fans go home having lost nothing of consequence. Why would you allow something so trivial to lower your humanity to such a base state?

    Stats and colors are meaningless; certainly no reason the behave as inhospitably as I’ve seen some fans do. These people were your guests. They came to share their love of the game with you and you treated them like garbage. What happened to Southern hospitality? Fans like you are killing it.

    • You said, “You and I will never be able to verify the Auburn Fan’s account, so who the hell are you to say what did or didn’t happen?” Then directly after you criticize the author and take the side of the Auburn fan……. You contradict yourself throughout your entire post…… Please explain to me why the Auburn’s fan account is true and the author’s defense is false? Why is he classless and ‘killing it’ by defending the seemingly ridiculous and exaggerated article written by a bent out of shape Auburn fan?

  15. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Do I look the Auburn fan may be exaggerating a little bit? Yeah. But I have been to Athens before and can testify that any opposing teams feel unwelcome. Do they teach poor sportsmanship at UGA? All I’m saying is dudeyoucrazy only proves the point that UGA fans are a little out of control. A prime example of the lack of class UGA fans have.

  16. I think you need to rewrite this article & say:
    Just to get the point across haha.

  17. Personally I want every fan that comes to Athens leaving thinking to themselves, “Wow, I wish I had gone to UGA!” I want UGA to be known as THE place to visit for a college football game, not the other way around where people are railing against our hospitality.

  18. Aww… Poor bugger fans getting their little feelings hurt. Man up dude.

  19. I’m a Bama fan, who grew up in the Dacula/Winder area, which means basically in Georgia’s backyard. I have gone to many games between the hedges both to root on the Dawgs when they weren’t playing Bama and when Bama came to town. I can say without a doubt that Georgia fans are as rabid as any other fan base, but I’ve never experienced anything like what was described by the Auburn fan. I am not saying that it did or didn’t happen. I will say only my experiences do not support that type of story. I think that Georgia fans are die hard and love their team and give all opposing visitors as much guff as any other home town of any other team would expect to give and no more. IF these things happen, then yes, grown people should know better and I would hope that the fine folks in Athens would represent their team better, BUT most of my friends are Dawg fans and they’re class folks. Roll Tide and How Bout them Dawgs

  20. I’m a UGA fan that was sitting in section 602, otherwise known as the visitors’ seats. My guess would be that the rude UGA fans were reacting to having drinks thrown on them from section 601. I’m sure that those zany kids were UGA fans lobbing full cups over the railing onto their own fans, because I’ve been told ad nauseum that Auburn folks are way too classy for that kind of behavior. I think the last person to tell me how classy Auburn fans are was the frat rat in the orange and blue two rows in front of me that was leaning over the railing to give double birds to the folks below. I don’t think the two kids under ten sitting next to him were offended, because I told them Auburn fans wouldn’t do stuff like that.

  21. NO ONE! NO ONE from AWBUN can complain about being treated bad in Athens. AWBUN is the pig pen of the SEC and the rudest fans ever. Payback is a bitch isn’t it?

  22. DudeYou'reAnIdiot

    I am an Auburn fan and I was in Athens this past weekend. While I did not witness anyone being spit on or have drinks thrown at them, myself and my 3 best friends (all females) were thrown against a wall and cussed out by 4 very large men outside a bar on Friday night because we were trying to get to the apartment we were staying at. None of us were wearing Auburn colors or anything remotely close to navy and orange (we aren’t idiots. rivalries are serious. we understand that.) We were treated with significantly more respect wearing our Auburn jerseys to the bar the next day. Georgia fans were buying us drinks and making sure we had a good time. So I don’t know if we just happened upon a horrendous group of people, or what. but that act alone was enough for me to believe all the things that other Auburn fans are saying. Auburn played like shit and Georgia hands down deserved to win that game. But winning is no excuse to treat other humans like trash.

  23. He claims he had to “leave early” and was harassed by UGA fans outside the stadium. Ummmm….NO GEORGIA FANS LEFT THAT GAME EARLY…this guy is so full of crap.

    • I left the game third quarter and there were UGA fans waiting outside clapping when we came out. Not only did they stand there clapping but harassed us and followed us around down town still clapping and yelling vulgar things at us.

  24. The Auburn author of the letter is spot on. I live in Athens, GA, and I can swear in any court in the land that opposing team fans are threatened and/or assaulted regularly at UGA home games. Grow up? Take your own damned advice and act like a human being. It’s a FOOTBALL GAME for Pete’s sake.

  25. Has there been any conformation on this behavior? From a credible source? From another Auburn fan? Because I haven’t seen one. Unless you were really there, then who knows what happened to this guy. The fact that everyone is simply buying into this without question means you’re another naive person on the internet who will believe anything they read. You have no actual proof this guy was even there? He never even said what bar downtown he was in. And I mean when was the last time you saw anyone spit on another person? This isn’t the 1900’s. People don’t act like that, not even out of disrepect. Let me see a video, or a picture, or even another fan confirming this statement, and I will be more than happy to apologize to every Auburn fan I meet. But honestly, to someone who works in media, this sounds like a sad fan upset about the game, and trying to smear UGA fans.

  26. My family was treated the same way there. Very poor sportsmanship and its a shame you can’t denounce it instead of making it even worse.

  27. Just another ignorant Georgia ass. The fan base does not reflect how Richt would want them too. He treats everyone with respect and shows open arms to anyone. He needs to go to a place he is appreciated.

  28. Outside of the fact that this story is not true, the real tragedy here is this poor fools grammar. An 8th grader should be able to write better than this. The only literary device this poor person used well is his strong attachment to hyperbole.

  29. Pretty much this letter just justified the Auburn fan’s concern by telling fans that this is how UGA fan treat visiting teams.

  30. chill out people. it happens at every school. it’s just the “luck of the draw” as to whether you encounter it or not. jeez. get over it. you don’t have 90k angels at one school and 90k a-holes at another. you people kill me. move on.

  31. Aub1urn This is sad for SEC football! The proper thing to do is to cheer for your team! It is not to make the other team fell bad. I did not like loose to Georgia ! The best team won.

  32. If you feel like you needed to respond to the letter the Auburn fan wrote, then maybe you need to grow up. All they were trying to do was open the publics eyes on how terrible it was to be in Athens on a game day. I personally went to Athens this past weekend and have a numerous amount of stories of how terrible UGAs fan base was to Auburn.

  33. What a sad example of a UGA fan who needs to grow up.

  34. I’ve never heard ANYTHING good about UGA fans. UGA fans treated us like crap when they visited OUR home town in Clemson. Read the open letter from Louisville fans to Clemson fans and you can see how welcoming we are to visiting teams. UGA fans threw beer at me in my own college town when they were visiting, I couldn’t ever imagine being in Athens. So when I read the article from the Auburn fan, I was less than surprised. I have no desire to visit Athens because of the reputation UGA has by SEVERAL colleges and univerisites. That says volumes when many institutions cannot stand you.

  35. As funny as your reply was, and you did make some valid points…….as southerns, all of us Georgia dawgs need to learn how to respect people and their feelings just a little more. Now, if you have enough time to write this letter back to this wussy of a tiger fan…..then you clearly aren’t a dawg yourself, or else you would be passed out in some sorority house with girls in your lap, on a Monday night. Or maybe your Asian. Who knows.

    Stay funny but add a touch of respect. Go DAWGS!


  36. This is a very sad article if this guy is being serious. I have been to athens as an auburn fan multiple times never had anything bad happen to me but this article basically gives someone a reason not to like UGA. The author is literally running in every past loss at the end.. very good example of sportsmanship. UGA played a great game best of luck to them if they play bama in the championship game I’ll be cheering with the rest of the UGA fans.

  37. In the letter from the Auburn fan, I missed the part where they reported these terrible acts to the proper authorities. I know a few bar owners in Athens and I don’t believe they would allow beer bottles and drinks to be thrown in their place of business without removing the offenders. Also, if you have ever been in Athens on a game weekend, I’m pretty sure you can find a cop on every corner. If I had been spat on 20 times and had drinks a bottles thrown my way, I think I would have reported it. I’m calling bullshit on the Auburn fan.

    I’ve also witnessed less than honorable behavior in Auburn the year they turned the fire hoses on the Georgia fans. I witnessed 3 Auburn students trying to push an older man (Ga fan) from the upper deck on the same trip and all 4 tires on our car were slashed. Auburn fans have no room to criticize the treatment of opposing teams.

  38. Wow… Classy, bitches. Classy.

  39. hey aubie……get over it. yall where whipped by a better football team and now you want to blame the dawgnation for bad behavior. yall make me laugh. your coach was exposed by coach JP for the high school coach that he really is. 7 out of the past 9 must really make yall feel like the inferior program that you really are. 34-7

  40. Google “Auburn Operation Red Dog”. Please, Auburn fans…stop with the mudslinging. You guys are the worst of the worst. Now, go find another criminal kicked off of another team in your pursuit of “win at all costs”.

  41. I was in Athens this weekend – we went out Friday night, we tailgated all day on Myers Quad…and I went to the game. What our group witnessed was something you would see on every SEC campus outside of Vanderbilt every home game. We saw near fights outside bars, actual fights outside bars, and the various obscenity laced rants you come to expect when 18 years olds consume loads of alcohol. Hell, our group even gave the occasional fan grief…it has always been a large part of the rivalry. At no point, however, did we see any throwing of any substance, whether it be alcohol, any empty bottle, or any spit.

    What I did see was one young man shove an Auburn fan off the side walk…after both had exchanged words, around 1:30 AM Saturday morning. And go figure, one of the infinite Athens Police Department Bike Cops happened to be there and arrest the UGA fan. As an alumni myself, having graduated in 2009, I’ve seen a ton of things in Athens on game weekends….but the story suggested by this Auburn fan is all-time garbage. Sure, there is always the one guy or girl who gets too drunk and takes it too far, but they get shut down…people do not encourage the kind of behavior suggested in the letter. I’ve seen fans get cussed out at games…and in every situation…one of our own fans shuts them up. I’ve seen kids try and start fights in bars…and bouncers don’t tolerate it. The letter suggests that Athens is this lawless place where no person in a position of authority exists or gives a damn. They’ve clearly never seen the paddy wagon roll around on weekends.

    Being spit on is one of the more disgusting things a person can do to another. But at what point am I expected to believe your group just happened to be at spit epicenter this weekend? No one…on any campus gets spit on 20 times…ever. One of two things is the case here….either your group, Mr. Auburn fan, was one of the more obnoxious groups to visit, or you’re just lying. I’ve been to away games at plenty of schools…I’ve had people do their level best to start something with me, I’ve had drinks poured on me, and I’ve felt the wrath of home fans at games. (I’ve even personally witnessed a 50 year old woman unproved, swing on a friend of mine – way to go Clemson alumni) But you have to go out of your way to really get hell anywhere…especially Athens.

    All in all, sorry you didn’t have the best time ever in Athens this weekend. But having been to games there my entire life, the odds are overwhelming you brought most of which you (exaggerated) complained about on yourself. If it means you won’t come back…O, well….we likely won’t miss you.

  42. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the number of Ga Southern students that came to Athens that weekend. I’m a senior here at UGA and I swear that’s the most fights I’ve ever seen downtown in my 4 years here. Every single fight I witnessed involved some meathead, cocky Ga Southern student claiming to be a dawg fan. UGA ain’t the problem even if their claims are true.

  43. I guess my question is why do Georgia fans have to act that way? Are you proud of it? Does it make your momma proud?

  44. Georgia fans are no more rowdy than Auburn fans are. Firstly, as a UGA student I can say that yes Auburn is a rivalry, but the majority of our students have friends who go to Auburn. Many of which visited us this weekend. So many students spent the weekend tailgating with their friends from Auburn. Also Auburn is not the one school or fan base we dislike the most. Downtown was ridiculously overcrowded this weekend. That means there were far more policeman out than usual. I can see drunk people getting rude, but no one would get away with injuring someone with a beer bottle without immediately being taken out of a bar on a night this crowded. On a Saturday, when people get the chance to drink all day I could understand them getting rowdy. But never in my 4 years going to UGA, have I never seen anyone spit at anyone else, throw drinks on, or hit another fan on a game day. If one person spit at them I may believe it, but over and over? Not once in all the games I have attended over the years have I seen anything mentioned happen. I have heard drunk people argue and yell plenty of times, on rare occasion a bar fight dt, but never anything similar that was mentioned in the letter. These Auburn fans would have had to be talking a crazy amount of shit for anyone to treat them close to what they say. I was also in Auburn for the game last year and I recognized that going out after the game was not the best idea unless I wanted to hear some unwelcomed comments and such from Auburn fans.
    That being said if anyone did mistreat these Auburn fans this weekend then thats not something the UGA community supports. Everyone who goes to KSU, Ga Southern, and most other schools in Georgia decided they had to come to Athens for game day too this weekend. I would most likely guess, if someone did do some of what the letter claims (which as a whole is unlikely) it wasn’t someone who is a UGA student or alum.

  45. UGA fans are a bunch of redneck in-breds. The guy that wrote this article represents them well. Once UGA returns to being irrelevant in football again, maybe this crap will stop.

  46. malangrad (@malangrad)

    Some cheese with that whine, Missy? Methinks she doth protest TOO much, if you get my drift … too much spit, piss, vinegar, etc. to ring true. And show me a female, ANY female, who doesn’t exaggerate at best, lie like hell at worst, to get what she wants. Straight folk are insane, period, especially straight men — how much evidence do you need to grasp the notion that the female of the species has a questionable grasp of the notion of “truth?”

  47. Well I just wasted 15 mins, reading all that crap! So elementary. GO DAWGS!

  48. To whoever wrote this letter,
    We all take college football to seriously. I’m as big of an Auburn football fan as there is and I know I let it effect me. There’s no need to take shots at Auburn football (bringing up all our past losses to Georgia) Downtown Auburn and the GT fanbase. You are only making things worse by filling the stereotype about some Georgia fans being over the top. I hope I can wear orange and blue in Athens and be treated fairly and I hope that you could wear red and black in Auburn and be treated with respect as well. We all need to take a step back and realize it’s a game. we can all have pride in our school but every SEC fanbase needs to keep that pride from morphing into hatred for another school. Have a good day.

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