The NFL Loves Todd Gurley, Lane Kiffin Video Bombs Tom Rinaldi, And More

TG3 In The NFL

Todd Gurley may have had the perfect college football career in the eyes of the NFL. Running backs do not last very long in the NFL, and Todd Gurley still has many miles left considering his missed time. Yes, we would have all loved to see Gurley play more than one full season for the Bulldogs, but if he dominates the Pros like he did college, then I think that will make up for his missed time. Here is the full article.


Lane Kiffin 

ESPN is in Tuscaloosa this weekend and they have cameras everywhere. For example, I happened to pass three different ESPN camera crews on my 10 minute walk across campus. That is a little excessive if you ask me. The athletic facility is obviously packed with crews as well, and Lane Kiffin ran smack in the middle of one of Tom Rinaldi’s segments. Lane Kiffin’s reaction was perfect. Here is the full video.


Poor Attempt

The USC/Cal game was a sad excuse for college football last night. Cal made USC look like early 2000s USC with their poor play and inability to guard a single receiver. The worst part of the night happened to take place on the special teams of Cal, and words honestly cannot describe just how bad this fake punt attempt is. When you watch, you will understand the loss of words I have for it. Here is the full clip.




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