NFL Football: Week 11 Picks

For Auburn thoughts, take a listen to the not yet award-winning Dude You Podcast, as this week I got to sit with Andrew and Jason and break down the #BEATEMDOWN Georgia’s gonna hand the Tigers/War Eagles/Whatevers. That means no pomp, no circumstance, just straight FIRE picks this week.

As always, home team is in bold.

Dolphins (-4) over Bills

Nailed it.

Falcons (-1) over Panthers

Look, I’ve accepted that the NFC South is a straight up dumpster fire, but the fact that the Falcons are JUST outside playoff hunt is the most compelling argument for playoff seeding reform I’ve ever heard. That said, if I can watch the Falcons lose in the first round at home over Christmas, I’ll take it.

Bears (-3) over Vikings

I’ll bet the “teams hanging 50 on the Bears” streak ends this week.

Browns (-3) over Texans

Serious question: are Bryan Hoyer and Ryan Mallett happy to be starting, or quietly pining for those clipboard days in New England? Seriously. These guys were getting paid to get Tom Brady coffee and collect AFC East Championships, and now they’re starring in the Brady Backup Bowl for these teams.

Chiefs (-2) over Seahawks

So, Kansas City STILL hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown this season, and the defending champs are allergic to covering this season. Easy money. Me writing this pretty much solidified a Seattle win.

Bengals (+7) over Saints

Oh, Vegas still thinks New Orleans is good? That’s hilarious.

Washington Professional Football Team (-7) over Buccaneers

Is there an option not to pick either team? No? Dammit.

Broncos (-9.5) over Rams

Don’t love this bet, but at the same time I don’t think this Rams team is built to play from behind, and you’re going to be behind at some point against Peyton.

Niners (-4) over Giants

How do you fire Tom Coughlin? I’m not entirely sure you can. After this season, he’s gotta go, but do the Mara’s just call him in and convince him to step down, or mutually part ways? He feels like a tenured professor, or a college coach with a prohibitive buyout. Fortunately, Bomani Jones has a solution.

Chargers (-29) over Raiders

Just kidding, but you’d be on board with this pick, right?

Chargers (-10) over Raiders

The Chargers are falling apart, but they are still a bunch of professional football players. The Raiders, I’m pretty sure is just performance art on how bad a team can be.

Packers (-6) over Eagles

Everyone says this Chip Kelly offense is quarterback proof. I’m pretty sure Mark Sanchez will be testing this theory.

People don’t forget Mark.

Cardinals (-1) over Lions

I do not enjoy picking against Matt Stafford, but I think lack of Carson Palmer down the stretch is going to be good for this Arizona team.

Patriots (+3) over Colts

Tom Brady at night y’all.

Steelers (-6) over Titans

In another string of great Jason Smith predictions, I drafted Titans receivers on my fantasy team. I hate Jason.

Enjoy the games.

Last Week: 7-6

Season: 61-53-4

Love this? Hate it? Think I’m an idiot? Don’t just curse at me under your breath, head to the Dude You Podcast iTunes page, and leave a 5-star review to make sure I know it, and have your voice heard on the air.

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