Auburn Tigers Can’t Sell Tickets, Most Overrated Players In The SEC, And More

Most Overrated

Each year we have players who either live up to the hype, or don’t. Whether that is by injury, or the player is just not as good as advertised, it happens every single year. This season is no different, and my number one most overrated player is Kenny Hill. Hill had a “breakout” game against the most overrated team South Carolina, and the media immediately touted him as a Heisman contender. After a poor showing against Miss State, and Alabama, Kenny Hill has since lost his job to Freshman Kyle Allen. Here is the list of most overrated players from Saturday Down South.


Auburn Can’t Sell Tickets

Auburn is a family. A family that the Wall Street Journal says has struggled to sell tickets for the past two seasons. You would think that the “team of destiny” would be able to sell enough tickets to fill up that cracker jack box of stadium on the plains, right? Maybe, the “family” should consider allotting more tickets to opposing fan bases so enough people will show up? Here is the full article on Auburn’s inability to sell tickets.


Petey Jones, Running Back, THE Running Back Ya’ll 

Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are the two best Freshman running backs in my opinion, and this is coming from an Alabama fan. I saw the “next Adrian Peterson” in Leonard Fournette, and I was not impressed one bit (22 carries, 79 yards v Bama) . Chubb has been a beast in the absence of Gurley, and Michel is a running back that I believe could be better than Chubb. Georgia will have a stable of backs the next few seasons, and if Nick Chubb does not win Freshman of the year, then something is seriously wrong. Here is the list of the top Freshman running backs.




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