SEC Power Rankings Week (lost count): CHAOS SCENARIO POSSIBILITIES!

Its a quote we use often here at, and is perfectly applicable with regards to how I want the next four weeks of SEC football to play out: “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”


Call me Professor Chaos, as I explore nightmare scenarios for each team and try to project one that ends in a two-losses-for-everyone SEC monstrosity.


1) Alabama: Clanga/Bama sounds like an EDM group heavy on handbells. Anyway… the Tide finishes with three home games, two against Mississippi State and Auburn. While the #FIRESABAN tweets would be epic were they to lose both, one loss (let’s say to Auburn) throws everything awry.

2) Mississippi State: I already see their nightmare unfolding: Dak Prescott getting more and more careless with the ball, the defense making the transition from ‘opportunistic’ to ‘big play prone’ (the secondary, coming off a win over UT-Martin, ranks 123rd in passing yards per game).

Losses at Alabama and Mississippi still seem not only possible, but likely from where I sit. Two-loss SEC West team #2!

3) Georgia: The best chaos scenario would involve both Georgia and Auburn winning out, but that is impossible. As I sit here, I have no faith Georgia can stop Auburn’s outside zone (see: Florida, first half against Kentucky). But a two-loss Georgia in the SEC title game is ultimate chaos.

4) Auburn: I really wanted to ding them harder for losing to Texas A&M, but one selfishly hopes that the now-infamous buttsnap is the play that stems the tide of unreasonable good luck the Tigers have gotten for oh, the past two years. Them winning out creates the most nutty scenario, but NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT. Go Dawgs.

5) Mississippi: For things to devolve into pure, unadulterated crisis mode, they HAVE to beat Mississippi State at home. Just for fun though, imagine a world in which they lose at Arkansas first. With a win over Presbyterian and a bye week to prepare, that seems unlikely, but hey.

(I totally believe they spent Presbyterian week looking ahead to CLANGA– essentially they have two weeks’ prep time for each of their last two opponents– good scheduling hustle, Dr. Bo.)

6) LSU: Were I writing this column a week ago, them beating Alabama would have been the ultimate. They could’ve won out against Arkansas and A&M to get to 6-2, Alabama and Ole Miss could’ve won out from there (6-2), putting Mississippi State at 6-2. This is a world I would have liked to have seen, because any good chaos scenario involves Les Miles.

7) Texas A&M: Did their part last week, need to do their part and beat Mizzou this week.

8) Florida?: Why not. A Georgia loss to Auburn and a Missouri implosion puts them in the championship game, and when your coach’s nickname is COACH BOOM…how does “2014 SEC Champion Florida Gators” sound?

9) Arkansas: Home against LSU and Ole Miss, at Mizzou. They’ll win at least one, as I’ve said all along, and sadly only the LSU game would have no impact on the standings.

10) Missouri: Winning out and taking their second straight SEC East title, and then beating a two-lossWest rep (or a one-loss Alabama), would be incredichaos, because that is the most plausible justification for leaving the SEC out of the playoff. They shouldn’t win out, but good lord it could happen.

11) Kentucky: They have to win at Tennessee or Louisville to get bowl-eligible, so in the grand scheme of things, their chaos-meter is quite low. Belk Bowl appearances don’t qualify as chaotic.

12) Tennessee: They SHOULD get to bowl-eligible with two home shots against Kentucky and Mizzou, along with a trip to Vandy. Watch Vandy beat them and ruin that dream.

13) South Carolina: A win at Florida would eliminate the Gators from the SEC East chase, but I’m not so sure I want to live in a world (long-term) where Florida has a new coach.

14) Vandy: The evil has to exist somewhere. Do something terrible, Commodores, like winning at Mississippi State next weekend.



Alabama (6-2)- beats MSU, loses to Auburn (1-2 against top 4)
Mississippi State (6-2)- loses to Alabama and Ole Miss (1-2 against top 4)
Ole Miss (6-2)- wins out. (2-1 against top 4)
Auburn (6-2)- wins out. (2-1 against top 4)

Auburn, via the strength of their wins against Alabama and Ole Miss, goes to Atlanta, where they lose to…


Georgia (5-3)- loses to Auburn.
Mizzou (5-3)- loses twice.
Florida (5-3)- wins out.

With all three tied and 1-1 against the others, I would have to do more extensive research as to who would represent the (l)East.

If that plays out, the SEC’s best shot at a national title?

dr bo

Chaos, indeed.

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