SEC Football: Nick Marshall Or Hutson Mason?

Huston Mason and Nick Marshall are two polar opposites when it comes to their styles as quarterbacks. On one hand you have Nick Marshall who runs a spread option system, and on the other you have Hutson Mason who runs the traditional pro-style system. Both of these QBs have seen their share of criticism, but at the end of the day they are still leading their two loss football teams into this weekend’s big showdown. Who would you want leading your team into the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry?

Huston Mason

  • The Good: Mason is a very smart football player. He rarely throws into traffic, and even when he does throw an interception, he has maintained his composure throughout the rest of the game. Mason has thrown for over 1500 yards, 15 touchdowns, and only 3 interceptions in his first season as the Georgia starting QB. You could make the argument that the two losses this season were not Hutson Mason’s fault, and the defense should have played better. (I am not making that argument)


  • The Bad: Huston Mason has one of the weakest arms in the NCAA. His weak arm has been the main reason for his three interceptions, because he could not get it to the receiver quick enough. Mason also happens to be the slowest QB in recent memory for the Dawgs, so extending plays with his feet are completely out of the question. Mason does not need to be a play maker like Aaron Murray, but he does need to be a smart game manager like Greg McElroy.


Nick Marshall 

  • The Good: He is an athletic defensive back playing the quarterback position, so clearly he is a great athlete. Defenses seem to never be able to get a direct hit on Marshall when he is scrambling around. Marshall is the perfect QB for Gus Malzahn’s system, and if Marshall could throw with a little more control, then it would be near impossible to stop.


  • The Bad: We heard all off-season how Nick Marshall had developed into a much better passer, but in comparison we also heard that Jeff Driskell had improved as well. Marshall has a huge arm, but cannot control it for the life of him. The fact that Gus Malzahn thinks Marshall will be a starting QB in the NFL one day is just comical. He will be a starting defensive back in the league, and probably a damn good one.


Who Do You Take?

Personally, I am a fan of a pro-style offense so I am going to go with Hutson Mason. Mason is not near as talented as Nick Marshall, but he appears to be a little bit more “football smart”. Mike Bobo’s system is a very tough system, with a lot of checks at the line of scrimmage. Nick Marshall typically has one or two reads on one play, when compared to Hutson Mason’s four or five. Marshall probably has the biggest arm in the SEC, and if he could get his control down I think you could see the most dangerous QB since Johnny Football. Mason will not win you many games with his arm or his legs, but he will also not lose you a game with dumb throws, or fumbles. That is why Mason is my pick.





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