FREE WAFFLES IF GEORGIA WINS, Mark Richt Will Make You Cry, And More


Waffle House is offering free waffles for whichever team’s town wins this Saturday between Georgia and Auburn. Who needs an inspirational speech, when you have WAFFLES on the line!! If you are indifferent on who you want to win, do it for the waffles. Don’t wear black for Georgia, wear it for the waffles! Here is Waffle House’s full statement on the wager.


Get Hyped

You either love or hate Nick Saban. There is no middle ground when talking about the Head Coach of the Crimson Tide, but one thing is for sure, he is the best coach in football. This weekend Nick Saban wants all fans to know exactly what hosting the Number One team in the land means to him, and on his weekly radio show Saban got the fans hyped for Saturday. No matter who you root for, I would want my coach to do something like this to get the fans ready for Saturday. Here is the video.


Get A Tissue 

If you were to ask a handful of Georgia fans what their opinion of Mark Richt is, they would all have a different answer regarding him as the football coach of the Bulldogs. I guarantee if you were to ask the same Georgia fans about Mark Richt as a person, every single one of them would say he is a class act. A story from 2011 surfaced on NBC Sports this week about Mark Richt, and how he went above and beyond to show that their are still decent men in college football. If you haven’t seen this story, get a tissue, because Mark Richt proved once again just how classy he is. Here is the story.





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