Top Plays Of The Year In The SEC, High School Kids Goes Beast-Mode, and More

Play Of The Year

There have been some amazing plays this season in the SEC, but whoever has the job of ranking them, my condolences. Between Todd Gurley, Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott, and even a hefty lineman, we have seen some amazing plays. My personal favorite is Todd Gurley’s hurdle against UT, but I might just be really excited for his return this weekend. Here are some of the plays people are picking for top plays in the SEC.


10 Stages Of Defeat

We have all experience heart breaking losses. Kick-Six, Miracle at Jordan-Hare, just to name a couple that ripped my heart to pieces. We all go through different stages when our team loses. I would rather get blown out so I can cope with the loss throughout the game, rather than lose on a final drive and all my emotion comes out at once. I end up breaking things, and yelling terrible obscenities (sorry Cade Foster) at players and coaches. We put so much emotion into our teams, but when they disappoint it messes up your entire week. Here are the ten stages we all go through when we lose.


Hit Stick

Typically the linebackers are the one laying the wood to the running backs. Don’t tell this Georgia High School running back that because he destroyed a middle linebacker last week. The poor kid’s helmet got knocked off while this kid went 55 yards to the endzone. My condolences are with you young man, but wrap up next time. Here is the hit heard round the world.



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