Georgia Bulldogs: The Entire Nation Welcomes Back Todd Gurley

This is an excerpt from a longer article written for Bleacher Report.  That article in its entirety can be found here.


And this gratitude won’t merely reflect the sentiments of the Georgia faithful. To the contrary, Gurley will be the hero of Saturday night—nationwide—even before kickoff. After all, he is no longer simply a localized star or even the greatest running back in college football.

Now, he’s perceived by many as the innocent figurehead of what’s wrong with a corrupt institution.

To be fair, everyone recognizes that Gurley broke a rule when he signed a series of autographs for money. Much less obvious, however, is why that antiquated rule remains in place.

So quite ironically, Gurley has garnered more national notoriety whilenot playing football this fall.  And that’s quite an accomplishment for a guy who racked up 1,023 total yards (rushing, receiving, passing, returning) in just five games to open the season.

Now, fans want to see him play. Not just because he’s played at such high levels before or because they expect him to return to such thresholds immediately, or even because he only has a few collegiate games left, but because he gives them someone to root for and a story to embrace.

People want to see the unfairly disgraced autograph-signer succeed. And that’s not just a Georgia thing.


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For more Todd Gurley, download The UGA Vault on iPhone or Android here.



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