Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry: Top Five Reasons To Take Time To Hate Auburn This Week

The Struggle Is Real

When I wake up in the morning, I hate Auburn. When I am walking my dog, I hate Auburn. When I sit down at Thanksgiving Dinner, I am thankful to have a team like Auburn to hate. I realize most of you probably do not feel as passionately about Auburn as I do, but my hope is to get you to that point by kickoff on Saturday night.


Reason #1: Recent Success 

Auburn has played in two National Championships since Mark Richt has been the Head Coach at Georgia, and considering Auburn has had three coaches since he took office, you should feel really bitter for not having at least one appearance. Georgia has been one of the more consistent teams in college football since 2000. In Richt’s first seven seasons,  Georgia won 2 SEC titles, 6 SEC East titles, 2-1 in BCS Bowls, and finished in the top ten 6 times. In comparison, Auburn has had 3 SEC Titles, 6 SEC West Titles, 3 losing seasons, 3 National Title appearances, and 3 different Head Coaches. Georgia has been consistently better, but the elusive National Title has yet to find it’s way to Athens in the Mark Richt era.


Reason #2: The “Family” 

During the Scam Newton National Title season, I am sure you were just as tired of hearing “Family, All-In” as much as me. Not only is this the most corny saying in college football history, but it is one of the biggest contradictions in recent memory. Auburn fired Gene Chizik two seasons after the National Title. He brought the “family” to Auburn. HE WAS THE DADDY!! You cannot fire your Daddy for one bad season, but clearly Auburn does not care about that. They can claim to be a “family” all they want, but it is a little odd when you are dating other members of your “family”.


Reason #3: Nick Fairly 

I’ll just leave this here.


Reason #4: What Is Their Mascot? 

Auburn War Eagles? Auburn Plainsmen? Auburn Tigers? These are not questions a fan should have! I know they are the Auburn Tigers, but the fact they say “War Eagle” makes no sense. Auburn fans will say that an Eagle flew around the stadium during a game, then an old man looked up and said “War Eagle”……. The rest is history. Auburn picked up a saying from a senile old man, who probably forgot he where he was, and thought he was bird watching.  You should not have to explain why you say a chant, people should be able to answer that question for themselves.


Reason #5: Nick Marshall & Tray Mathews 

If these two gentlemen did not make poor decisions at UGA, they would be starting in the defensive backfield for UGA this season. On one hand, you have Trigga Tray Mathews who felt like being a disruption to an entire class this past summer. On the other hand, you Nick Marshall who went Christmas shopping in teammates lockers which led to his (and 3 others) immediate dismissal. What do these two fine student athletes have in common? They both got second chances by Gus Malzahn and Auburn.


My goal is to one day have every fan root against Auburn. With hard work, and dedication I believe that we can achieve this goal.




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  1. I will not share this article because the stupid aubarn graphic is posted.

  2. If you want to taste hatred of Auburn… Move to Columbus, GA. The hatred is real every day of the year here. Because of one lucky tipped pass all the orange people forget that GA has won 5 of the last 7 and lost only twice when the barners had qbs kicked out of other programs from stealing from fellow teammates/classmates. Classy group. I sure hope property values in Columbus go way up after this weekend. This town is awesome when Auburn loses! It’s never too early to hate Auburn.

  3. yes yes yes and more yes. you are right on it. auburn wants to make themselves look they are saving kids by doing it the auburn way……..really? could not believe they didn’t take green-beckham and claim he had become an auburn man. they are a joke and always will be.and yes I HATE AUBURN. DAWGS 47 plainsmen 27. gata jyd

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